Tuesday, September 14, 2010

There Are Websites For That

(not our real cake - an image I lifted from google. Our wedding photographer sucked, ehem, don't use RJ Reynolds Photography in Denver, so we have no good pictures. Bleh.)

Friends of our recently got married at the justice of the peace. We took lots of pictures, celebrated with champagne in the court house parking lot, and went for a reception dinner at my very favorite resturant, the local Thai place (yum!).

My Non-Sucky-Army-Wife friend, L was also there. L is actually somewhere between NSA wife and NSA fiancé, since she has also visited the JP, but her wedding in Florida is coming up in just a few weeks.

L was asking about LT Fromage and my upcoming anniversary. I was proud to announce that we are coming up on one year on the 19th of this month (Unless you go by our JP wedding, which was more than 21 months ago). L then said this,

“You know, there are websites out there with tips to make it not so terrible after a year.”

Excuse me? Who do you think you are to say something like that? Do we look that unhappy? Weren’t you just about to throw up because we were being so cute and lovey? I’m pretty sure I’ve never mentioned to you that my marriage is terrible….

I think she almost shot rice out her nose, “No, no! I meant the cake! You know, how you freeze it and eat it on your first anniversary!”

There are probably websites for making a marriage not so terrible after a year, too, but I’m happy to say we’re just googling ones for the cake.

Later that night, LT Fromage and I lay down to go to sleep, still giggling about the “terrible year” mark that was approaching when I realized I’d left my locket on, the one LT Fromage had given me for Christmas last year. LT Fromage warned, “You’d better take that off,” and leaned over to whisper, “or I’ll choke you in the night.”


I treasure my locket, and of course would never mean to ruin it, but I had no idea that LT Fromage took it so seriously! I quickly removed the jewelry, my eyes as big as saucers as I asked for clarification of that disconcerting comment…

“Or it’ll choke you in the night.” It. The necklace. It would probably be uncomfortable and restraining if it became tangled. Phew!

Maybe we do need that website after all, how to make marriage not terrible after the first year. (If you survive!)


  1. Ha! You've had a rough time glad every thing got cleared up so you're not getting choked in the night by your husband after learning how to make your marriage not terrible after the first year!

    Enjoy your cake!!

  2. oooo I hope you can make the cake better. yuuum cake.

  3. Our cake totally got eaten over the honeymoon. But then again, it was a small cake for a tiny wedding. (We wanted to elope, but the in-laws pitched a fit so we allowed just parents.)

    There's a picture of our cake on my blog. It was chocolate with chocolate frosting with strawberries on top. mmmmm


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