Monday, September 27, 2010

Note To Self: Always Carry Hand Sanitizer

Happy Monday! (yeah, right)

Florida was a blast, which of course, makes it harder than ever to come back to work today.

The beach house we scored was adorable; I especially loved the 4 post bed and the paintings placed in old window frames. Our ceilings in our place are too short for a bed that fancy, but I’m totally planning to bring the frame idea into our house soon. The location was also great, we could walk everywhere, or, if we didn’t feel like walking, there were a few golf carts (rented for the wedding party) around for anyone to use.

Quick word about the golf carts: I can’t wait to get old and move to Florida or Arizona so I can drive one of those things around everywhere. I’m so gonna pimp mine out with cow spots and paint some flames on LT Fromage’s.

L&P’s wedding was beautiful, it went off without a hitch (even the weather held out, despite rain the days before and after the ceremony) and LT Fromage looked as handsome as ever in his dress blues. L looked stunning; she and P are perfect for each other.

Those newlyweds really like to drink. I wouldn’t call them alcoholics because they seem to have it under control, but P ordered a PBR at breakfast on Friday. I’m just saying. There was a full bar, provided by the couple, at the beach house that served as the main congregating area for the weekend. There was Maker’s Mark, which is LT Fromage’s favorite, and I’m not sure how much wine I drank, but it may have been counted in bottles instead of glasses; I had mango margaritas and then there were the “beergaritas”, which are a great combo L served up using margarita mix, Bud Light Lime and tequila. LT Fromage and one of his friends were excited to have found Yuengling on tap, so between the three of us we downed 7 pitchers on Friday night. I’m not sure I’ve ever had so much alcohol in one weekend. I may have consumed more alcohol last weekend than in my 25 years leading up to this weekend, but it gave me enough liquid courage to venture out into the ocean.

This was not my first time seeing the ocean. I lived in Long Beach, CA for a while and saw the Mediterranean with LT Fromage on our honeymoon; however I’d never been in the water father than my ankles until this weekend, since I can’t swim. On one hand, I had fun playing in the ocean. On the other hand I thought I was going to drown, my bottom came untied and fell off (Thank GOD I was able to grab it), I swallowed about a gallon of salt water, ended up with sand in places where sand should not be and I got a shark bite*.

*Ok, it’s probably not a shark bite. I probably scraped my finger on a rock. But it hurts and it’s way cooler to say it’s a shark bite, so that’s what I’m calling it.

I don’t know what I was thinking, but I only brought 3 books for the trip. I finished “Party of One: The Loners’ Manifesto” before we even boarded the plane; I read “Too Late to Say Goodbye” during the flight and first night in Florida and was left with only “Running With Scissors” to last me Saturday and Sunday, which of course it didn’t, so I spent the last leg of our journey wishing I read slower or brought another book. Since I didn’t have anything to read, I was very aware of the guy sitting next to me (No, not LT Fromage, the guy on the other side of me) who was picking his nose for the whole flight. After he picked, he would flick it. Or eat it. I really wished I had a book. And some hand sanitizer.

Over all, we had a great time, but I’m glad to be back home and return to our day to day routine, I missed my structure. Fall is defiantly here in Kansas (4 days of Florida beaches made it seems even more cool and crisp when we got back home last night), I’m pretty sure I’m going to bake a pie this weekend and break out the crock pot for some stew or something…

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  1. Hey, hey you party, wine loving girl! What a crazy fun weekend and did you mention beach? Oh, I love beaches, sand, water...You got me thinking about summer again, Drat! If it was still summer, I wouldn't be going to work tomorrow. sigh.

    Well, fun post anyway! Glad you had a great time!


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