Thursday, September 2, 2010

Holy Cow!

I have a slight obsession with cows.

I drink my coffee from a cow mug. I have a cow print apron and a cow print chef’s hat; cow salt and pepper shakers, cow cream and sugar holders. Cows adorn the kitchen walls in picture frames and vintage metal signs. I have cow socks, a cow baseball cap and cow t-shirts. Last Christmas, LT Fromage bought me big, black cow spot magnets to transform our fridge into a Holstein (My favorite cows). I have stuffed bears dressed as cows, floppy cows 3 feet long and tiny cows to hook on key chains. My most treasured cow is one LT Fromage gave me for our first Christmas, his name is Sir Loin and he sleeps in bed with us every night.

Yesterday, as I was searching for cow pictures on google images (true story), I stumbled upon a website where I made a very exciting discovery – There are MINIATURE COWS. How I never knew this I’m not sure; I would have thought that surely they would be listed in my “Field Guide to Cows”, but somehow, they stayed under my radar until yesterday.

Long ago I successfully convinced LT Fromage to let me own my very own cow (one day, when we’re not renting and have more than a little fenced yard). Now, instead of preparing for the arrival of the “real” Sir Loin, we can look forward to bringing home the Petite Sir Loin!

1 comment:

  1. Seriously, there are mini cows? Wow! I wonder if they produce skim milk!

    Thanks for the follow, I'm following you back!! :)


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