Friday, September 17, 2010

I Love Being Mrs. LT Fromage

LT Fromage and I are celebrating our 1 year anniversary on Sunday. I am so lucky to be married to my best friend, who makes me laugh every single day and always makes me so proud. Plus, he’s crazy good looking.

Since LT Fromage (who was Cadet Fromage back then!) came into my life, 3 years ago, we’ve spent thousands of dollars in plane tickets to share long weekends and attended various formal Military events, including his graduation from West Point. God knows how many minutes we’ve seen on our cell phone bills. Our car has been all over the country and I can now claim that I’ve slept in 2 airports.

We’ve spent as much time apart as we have together and learned that if something’s going to go wrong, it will happen as soon as he leaves; like the time I went down to the basement to relight the water heater and found myself shin deep in water, or when I got laid off the week before Christmas and he was in the field with no cell phone. There was also the time I blew a tire on the interstate in the middle of nowhere 5 hours from home with both dogs in the car. While he was away, he jumped out of planes, planned and led missions, slept in vehicles on cold winter nights and polished his leadership skills with platoons of soldiers.

When the Army isn’t keeping us apart, our life is filled with so many wonderful moments, starting when we spent our honeymoon in Italy; 10 days of a beach-view apartment and some of the best food I’ve ever had. Together we’ve visited a dozen states, eaten at many new restaurants, cooked a million new meals and made so many silly trips, like the time LT Fromage once took me to see a giant cow statue in front of a Best Buy in Columbus, GA (on that same trip, we made a long stop at a field of grazing Holstein’s so I could visit and take pictures). LT Fromage knows how much I love tanks, we’ve been to the Patton Museum a few times and he’s brought home shirts and tiny model tanks; for my birthday this year he took me into a live Bradley and arranged for me to shoot in a simulator. We’ve been to every cheese factory we’ve ever come across and we’re on a never-ending search for the perfect gas station nacho.

LT Fromage and I laugh more than anyone else I know so even the little things, mundane everyday occurrences, often turn into situations where we laugh until we cry. I love the silly little things we do; we have so many goofy games and traditions, inside jokes and stories. We sing in the car and we make up silly songs for our pets; we have tickle fights, we wait behind doors to scream BOO! and we have ongoing competitions for who can interrupt the most yawns (by inserting their finger into the yawners mouth. Except LT Fromage got a little too excited once and almost interrupted a girl from his work. That would have been awkward…). I can’t imagine my life with someone who didn’t love being silly, so when LT Fromage does my favorite “tah dah bow” in his sock and boxers, I fall in love all over again.

I love coming home at the end of the day to a man I love who loves me just as much and takes wonderful care of our little family. He’s always thoughtful and good at making me feel special (Like when he brings me my favorite Starbucks and flowers at work, or gets home early and vacuums and does laundry) and this weekend he’s planned us a wonderful mini-vacay to Kansas City to celebrate our first year as husband and wife. I’m so excited for our getaway where we’ll try some new restaurants and visit the farmer’s market, stop by the renaissance festival and see “Going the Distance” (A cute looking movie about long distance relationships, at which we are pros!), but I’m even more excited about what’s to come: making more memories, establishing more traditions, starting a family that consists of some 2 legged children instead of just 4, facing whatever life brings us as we grow old together (Although LT Fromage would argue that I am already old).

Thank you, LT Fromage, for being such a wonderful husband. Thanks, mom, for making me talk to him 3 years ago, even though I didn’t want to. We owe you one.


  1. That picture makes my heart swell!

  2. SO so so sweet. Happy (belated) anniversary. You are a beautiful couple (inside and out!)


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