The Obligatory About Me Page

I sort of feel like, well, if you want to know what’s going on here and who’s running this show, you could read some posts and find out. But on the other hand, I suppose if you’re looking for the abridged version, it should be available to you. I’m all about customer service, you know.

This blog is my little place in the great big cyber space, to share the daily mishaps and FMLs. Sometimes I’m bitter and like to vent (usually about Army wives… oops, I mean, Army related matters) but mostly, I find it’s easiest to pick on myself. Why take life to seriously? No one gets out alive anyway. Sometimes I share cooking tips, sometimes neato links or etsy finds. Sometimes I just post pictures of rats sitting on my head, highlighting my bald spots. Sort of a catch-all, this place. I’ve recently hosted my first give away, and plan to continue them, so, if for nothing else, it’s worth popping in from time to time to see what goodies you can score around here.

I was born in 1985, which currently makes me 25. No matter how long I run this blog, I’m not updating my age here. I’ll always be “25”. I posted the year so that you can do the math in the future, if you so desire. It’s not like it matters anyway, I’m really just an old lady at heart. And in my knees.

(Kisses from Buford aren't always appreciated)

I’m pretty sure that I’m a super hero. My power is being the ability to retain my blood, even when attempts are made to collect it. This really annoys most health care providers, who I assume must be my arch nemesis. Also, I survived a shark bite. (Now, go search for those posts to get the back stories!). If that doesn’t qualify for superhero status, then you tell me what does?

I’ve been a vegetarian since I was about 13 because I can’t eat anything I would have named. I’ve already picked out the name of my future Holstein cow (Bull), which will be “The Loin” until his knighting ceremony when he will become “Sir Loin”. I’ve already chosen invitations and food, so if you want to get on the guest list, hit me up. Space is limited.

I’m fairly-newly-married to my best friend, who happens to be a hella-sexy Army Man (This makes me an Army Wife. You’ll hear about that… a lot). He’s also a total history buff and one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, which makes me feel dumb when we play trivia, but it’s ok because he’s so freakin’ cute I can't be a sore loser. He’s not a vegetarian, but has sworn to never take a bite of our future bovine, so it’s all good.

Us Fromages are dorks. We watch Food Network, History Channel, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. We go to bed by 9pm and when we do actually “go out” on the weekends, it’s usually 3 beers and home by 11. We are really, really silly. Like, stupid silly. We act like little kids. Except that we’re married and little kids can’t get hitched. But besides that, we act like children most of the time. We should totally have our own TV show.

On that note: No, we don’t have kids. Yes, we do want kids. No, we don’t want them right now.

We do have a lot of pets. We should live in an arc. Check out the Cast of Characters tab for more info on our furry babies. Pets are better than kids for a few reasons, the top one being kennels. Dog being rowdy? “Kennel!” and the problem is solved. I think there are laws about locking kids in cages though. Until we get some clarification on that, we’re sticking to the kind of dependants who eat from a stainless steel bowl and chew on dried cow hide.

Other things you should know: I am a lover of country music, all things cheese and bovine. Green curry is my favorite food and if I could have one thing it would be a Stingray Tank. While English is my first language, you wouldn’t know it from talking to me, since I’m not very fluent in it. I’m a little bit of a redneck; my truck is covered in bumper stickers and a personalized license place from “Transformers”. I shoot a gun, but to girly it up a little, I put a pink grip on it. I also have pink ear muffs.

Also, I burp when I yawn.

And that’s all she wrote.
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