Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Date 1: Vagina Girl

Yes, Vagina Girl. I’ll explain shortly.

Vagina Girl and I decided to meet up and watch Red Riding Hood, a movie we both wanted to see. The day of our “date” I checked, and wouldn’t you know it, out theater had stopped running the movie. I texted Vagina Girl to see if she wanted to see something else, maybe get supper instead, go out for drinks… She never replied, which hurt my feelings, because, frankly, everything hurts my feelings.

About a half hour before we were supposed to meet at the theater and I still hadn’t heard from her, so I decided to salvage my night and go hang out with my bestie and some of her friends. On my way over, Vagina Girl texted me to say sorry, she left her phone at home and we should grab dinner and drinks instead of a movie. I hung out with my bestie for a while, and then Vagina Girl and I met for dinner at the place her boyfriend works. We had a good time, talking about our guys, hobbies, music, movies… We left dinner and went for drinks where the conversation turned to ex-lovers, which is always a fun topic because, c’mon, who doesn’t like to bash their lousy boyfriends, right? (The difference between girl dating and boy dating: Not ok to talk about exes on a boy date, perfectly good conversation on a girl date)

As we all know, too much alcohol leads to TMI, where I learned that Vagina Girl has her, uhm, girly parts, posted on an adult website, and IS OFTEN RECOGNIZED IN PUBLIC. Yes. True story. I wasn’t sure what to say to that, because that was not a something we shared. When she said, “I love Garth Brooks” I was able to enthusiastically say, “Me too!”. When she said, “I’ve had people say, aren’t you Vagina Girl? I thought I recognized your va-jay-jay” I had no response. What was I supposed to say? “Cool”? or “You must have very memorable lady bits”? I stuck with, “Uh wow. That’s awkward.”

I didn’t drink enough alcohol to have a look at Vagina Girl’s bits and pieces, so I can't attest to their memorability, but Vagina Girl is a pretty cool girl, at least the parts of her I've seen....


  1. Um. Wow. Well, at least she has a good personality.

  2. Interesting. And awkward. But glad you had fun anyway. My feelings would have been hurt by the lack of reply, too. I'm not always quick enough to think maybe they had a good reason for not responding. I just automatically assume it's something personal. My feelings are very easily hurt.

    And I love bashing ex-boyfriends on "girl dates"!

  3. Wow, maybe a little too much information but I'm happy you had some girl time and still if you get the chance, you should see Little Red Riding Hood, it's a good movie, both the husband and I liked it!


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