Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello out there!

I'm still here. I doubt if I have any followers remaining after my year long hiatus, but just incase anyone pops over, I thought I'd leave a little update here to be found. 

Blogging has obviously fallen entirely off of my priority list :-) Here's what's been keeping me busy: 

CPT Fromage's request for early resignation was approved by the Army last week, so in a few months he'll become Student Fromage! We'd originally wanted to do the school thing starting last year, but by the time we settled in Mississippi exhaustion set in and after 3 states in 12 months and a new baby, we decided to take some time to regroup before starting our next adventure. Daddy Fromage worked hard on test prep, applications, and all of the other stuff that goes into getting into grad school. It payed off and he was accepted to the business schools at Duke, Harvard and Dartmouth! We changed directions here too, as the plan was to attend Harvard, but after lots of consideration, he accepted the offer from Tuck (At Dartmouth); the location is a better for for our family, the community is unbeatable and the education is superb, and much more what Daddy Fromage felt would be a good fit. So, in just a few months we're saying good riddance to active duty Army life (reserves are still on the table, we've yet to make a decision there) and moving our family to New Hampshire!

Speaking of our family... Baby Fromage is now Toddler Fromage and couldn't be more awesome. Seriously, what was life before parenthood? Every day is bursting with fun, new experiences and excitement. The hugs and cuddles turn me to mush and his antics keep us always entertained! We are so crazy about this kid we decided to have another one! Toddler Fromage will be promoted to Big Brother in about 6 weeks! He and Little Brother will be just less than 20 months apart, which couldn't be more perfect. We always hoped that our family would be complete with 2 boys, 20-24 months apart before I hit 30 (I can't believe I'm turning 29 this year!). We are SO excited about our newest addition! 

In odds and ends news, we're up to 3 dogs now (hint: don't keep a stray puppy, no matter the sob story, for any amount of time if there's any chance your kid will become horribly attached); moving to the Deep South should require a visa or something because it might as well be another world down here... I won't miss it. I finally had surgery on my knee, which actually made the problem worse; a year later I'm just getting back to where it was pre-surgery and my surgeon discussed total replacement at my last appointment. The less dramatic solution will require breaking my tibia and relocation tendon attachment points. For right now, I'm not scheduling anything, though I may reevaluate in a few years, once I'm done carrying toddlers and babies all the time and could manage in a cast for 6 weeks for healing. 

So, there's the last year in a nutshell. Busy, busy, busy! Hectic and the next few months will pile on more challenges but we are so excited for everything we've done and what's to come! 

I leave you with a recent picture of my sweet little boy being his silly little self :-) 

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