Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Too Much Time On

I very badly want an orange purse. I think this one would look great with my green winter coat!

I love the color of the bird (My MIL's favorite color, it's rubbed off on me!) and the locket inside the book

What a darling combo of bird and deer....

My mom loves old skeleton keys, this necklace makes me think of her, and thus, makes me happy

I want this clock. I want a room big enough to display it.

This is such a calming print, I have the perfect place for it in the living room

I need a pill box, because I currently carry around full bottles of Tylenol, Vitamin D, Ibuprofen plus a few others. I want to keep them in tiny, daily doses...

At first, I was put off by this deers strange eyes, but they grew on me...

Cats. Ehm.


  1. Great etsy items! I like the cat pill box. *wink*

  2. Ooooo - I love every single one of these goodies! (I think we would have fun shopping together, for sure!) The color of that bird (in the necklace) is the color of my kitchen - it's so joyful! I think "window" shopping through Etsy is so fun ... especially when I can control the click and not have buyers remorse! (Love the fall color of the blog! Has me craving some pumpkin spice latte!)

  3. I used to have an orange purse years ago and I carried that bag for the longest time. Snaps fell off, but I kept on using it. Now I miss that bag and might have to see if I can find it somewhere...

    -Meredith @ meredith and maggie

  4. I think the cat box is my favorite, too, I actually ended up purchasing it! Hopefully no buyer's remorse follows!

    My MIL has a kitchen in that color, too! I love it! Pots, pans, small appliances, walls... It's always so happy in there! Yum thinking about pumpkin spice lattes....!

    So jealous of the orange purse. I so want one, just never have found the right one. Except this one. That's way out of my budget. Sigh.

  5. It is so much easier to shop on line than actually go to each store! Go for it girl!!


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