Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Sweater Was Black

Ever have those days where you feel like your head is on upside down? I know I’m in for a long one when I start by showing the guards at the gate my credit card instead of my ID, or fix myself a mug of creamer and Splenda, then brew hot water and forget the coffee grounds!

Last night, after a particularly trying day, I left my cell phone at the Thai place. I’d called in a to-go order as a pick-me-up for myself, and ended up driving back and forth across town to receive my phone (I sometimes forgot how lost I would be without it, boy was I glad to have it back!).

Thankfully, my favorite food was waiting for me when I got home with phone in hand. Because I am an emotional eater, and green curry is my weakness, it did make me feel better. I may have licked the bowl. I’m not admitting anything, but it may have happened.

I ordered the cat pill box I shared on yesterday’s post, which, in addition to green curry, also made me happy. The orange purse would make me happy too, but I’m pretty sure when LT Fromage checked the bank account, HE might not be happy, so I’ll just enjoy looking at it for now!

Hooray for being half-way through Thursday. Tomorrow is the last day of the work week and when I get home, LT Fromage will be there waiting! Hopefully he’ll be excited to see Beth* nice and clean**!

*I like naming our cars. Mine is Iron Hide, from Transformers, and his is Beth. I named her after I dreamed that LT Fromage was running around on me with a grungy hippy named Beth. Naming his car Beth gave us the opportunity to make silly jokes like “I’m gonna shove this in Beth’s trunk!” Yes. We act like teenage boys sometimes. I won’t even start on “That’s what she said!”….

**I recently lost a bet on what color sweater LT Fromage wore the first time he met my parents. For the record, it was black, not blue. Thanks mom, for finding a picture and settling it. I wish you would have photo shopped a little blue in there before you emailed it to us though. I was going to get a cow, a pet cow! if it was blue! Instead I’m vacuuming dog hair out of the car.


  1. That's funny you name your cars, my mom used to do that so all the cars I grew up with had names. My car doesn't actually have a name, but I call the GPS in my car Becca. Sometimes I argue with her on which direction I want to go as to where she wants to take me.

    Luckily I can mute her! HA

  2. We named our GPS, too! Ours is Mary Poppins (we changed her to speak in the Brittish accent because LT Fromage thinks the American version sounds like a bee-ach...!)


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