Friday, September 10, 2010

Lady Fromage Does Not Bake

During the first 6 months or so of married life, I’m not sure that I once served LT Fromage the same menu twice. I know that for some it’s a chore, but I love to cook.

When I resumed working full time, we talked about how we would restructure our lives to adjust to the decreased time for housework; frozen food was a suggestion that was submitted and quickly shot down. Exotic and new cuisine is now reserved for the weekends when I have more time, but during the week I love to come home, put on my cow print apron and begin gourmet burgers or a new recipe for breaded meatballs to go over homemade pasta (made on the weekend and then frozen for later) with a fresh capresea salad. Pizza with barbeque sauce, sautéed red onion and grilled chicken (We also love this one from Busy Bee Lauren) shows up every few weeks and green curry makes a weekly appearance, since I learned the secret.

Our weekends are filled with Thai, Indian, Italian, Southern or whatever other flavors I’m craving. Saturday morning breakfast is always so big we never even plan for lunch; instead we eat until the “food coma” hits, and then nap it away on the couch.

LT Fromage and I are always on the hunt for new places to eat, new things to try and new shows to tune into on Food Network. Currently, we’re watching a lot of Iron Chef America and Chopped, with some Best Thing I Ever Ate and Dinners, Drive Ins and Dives thrown in. I couldn’t believe it when LT Fromage announced the other night that he didn’t like watching baking shows because “That doesn’t take any skill”


I can make Paneer, (even my own cheese). I make fresh pasta. Thai curry? No problem. But baking? Way out of my league.

There were the rolls that wouldn’t rise; my mom walked me through her infamous recipe step by step, but instead of soft, fluffy dinner rolls, we had gooey lumps with supper. Next I made the rolls that rose too much; I thought we were in some kind of dinner-bread horror film when I saw them, they were at least the size of soft balls! A few weeks ago I bought an “easy” box of Red Velvet cake hoping it would be as simple as described, but it began crumbling as soon as I finished icing it. It looked so pathetic with huge chunks of cake and gooey icing sliding down onto the plate! I was supposed to take it as desert to a lunch, but opted to pick up a frozen Key Lime pie instead. Things were going surprisingly well when I started making these brownies last week, that is, until I broke a wooden spoon in the batter and ended up with so many little pieces we had to throw them out (We did try a bite, and they were AMAZING!... minus the spoon. Whatevs). I won’t even mention the time I caught our kitchen on fire.

I tip my hat to you, bakers. I envy you and your ability to make dough rise and present a beautiful finshed product (and keep splinters out of your friends’ and families’ mouths.) I’m going to keep practicing; I’ll be making these this weekend!


  1. Ooh, this is my first visit to your blog and I can tell it certainly won't be my last! I, too, enjoy cooking and when I was a young married woman (ahem) I served my family something new & exciting almost every night! Nowadays my lifestyle has changed a bit but I still love to don my blue floral print apron and spend hours in the kitchen!

    I can bake cakes and bread but not so great at cookies or rolls. What's up with that? And biscuits? Mine would make my grandma roll over in her grave!

  2. When we first were married I didn't know how to cook, Hamburger Helper was my best friend. Luckily for me the husbands mother is the cook of all cooks so I learned to love cooking/baking.

    Having three sons just exploded my cooking skills I love cooking and keeping growing boys fed, but now they are grown and gone and with just the husband and I home, we tend to eat out more than we eat in.

    But don't get me wrong, when the family is all together, the pots and pans come out!!

  3. Rapenzul, Thanks for stopping by! I finally started buying frozen biscuits, which would make my Nanee cry I'm sure!

    Saimi, there's nothing wrong with eating out! We love to do that, too! :) It always tastes better when someone else cooks it! ;)

  4. Love your is inspiring me to cook more. I tend to get stuck in a rut and make the same things. I was getting hungry just reading about all of the great flavors that you cook. Indian and Thai are two of my faves, but I am a little gun shy when it comes to cooking those types of food. Read some of your other posts also and was amused by your recollection of your dates Pre LT Fromage. I will definitely be visiting again. Thanks!


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