Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hooray for the 3 Day!

What a wonderful long weekend! Isn’t 3 days off just perfect? And, it of course means there is a SHORT WEEK ahead! Hooray for the short week!

Friday night we went to a hole-in-the-wall Jamaican restaurant with some friends. The company was even better than the rum punch (which was soo yummy!) and we were oh-so-excited when our friends N&A announced they are getting married… tonight! N&A have been engaged for a few months, but A is finishing an internship in Germany so she won’t be coming to the US for a while yet, which means their “real” wedding will have to wait, but they made an appointment with the Justice of the Peace* to make things official in the meantime. LT Fromage and I are so honored and happy to be invited to share this day with them!

*While it doesn’t make much sense in the “civilian world,” Justice of the Peace weddings are a pretty common thing among Army couples (LT Fromage and I did it too). There are some serious benefits to being a married Service Member and being married to a Service Member, and sometimes a wedding just doesn’t fit into your schedule right away, as with N&A.
LT Fromage and I had a great time on Saturday, despite being very over-dressed for what turned out to be an uber-relaxed, down-home, country style wedding. For future reference, when canned beer is served from of coolers in the back of a pickup truck before the ceremony even begins, cut off jeans and a halter top are apparently appropriate attire. A suit and tie and Sunday best dress look quite out of place (Now I’m not knocking it, it was their day to do with what they wanted, but the invitation didn’t indicate that there would be hay bales, otherwise believe me, we would have dressed down…).

In addition to fun things like dinner dates and weddings, we slept in (After a long week of pre-5 am mornings, still being in bed at 9:30 feels incredible), had big breakfasts of French toast, pancakes, eggs, hash browns, bacon and sausage, orange juice and fresh ground coffee and didn’t worry about doing the dishes until long after lunch time. We finally tried out a recipe for Auntie Annie’s Soft Pretzels (I made mine with jalapeño and cheddar while LT Fromage chose cinnamon sugar… Both were dee-lish!). For supper, I made a pineapple and mussel red curry from my new Currie Cuisine book (which was very tasty!).

On Sunday I made BLTs (with baby spinach instead of lettuce, and veggie bacon for me, of course) for lunch, served with sweet potato fries and cold sodas. The weather was simply perfect so we went to the shooting range, which is a little far away but when the trees are still full of leaves and the sunflowers are blooming, it’s a beautiful drive. LT Fromage is a much better shot than I am, but we had a great time, as we always do, and my aim is ever-improving.

We were even able to watch 2 full movies this weekend(Man on Fire and Youth in Revolt), which doesn’t sound like a big accomplishment but movie-watching is something of an indulgence for us these days, since 2 hours of down time is hard to come by anymore. Not to mention the time we spent reading! (We’re both avid readers, what can I say?). Lounging on the couch, reading, eating and watching TV together...Pure bliss.

I hope everyone had an equally wonderful long weekend!

Oh yeah, and I got a letter from my school, letting me know I made the Dean’s List. NBD ;-)
::happy dance::


  1. Wow, wow and wow!! What an eventful weekend filled with lots of fun! Congratulations on making the Dean's list I'm dancing happy with you!

  2. Sounds like an amazing weekend!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I love weddings and it sounds like it would have been right up my alley.


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