Friday, September 3, 2010

Bad News/Good News

Before I start, I have a quick confession:

I ate a fish taco last night.

I saw Bobby Flay make one on Throw Down a few months ago and it made my mouth water; I’ve wanted one ever since. For more than 6 weeks, I’ve been craving a fish taco. (Which is weird. I never liked fish much, even before I became a vegetarian… thirteen years ago.)

I’m sure the one I had couldn’t touch Bobby’s, but it was actually pretty dee-lish. (I’m so sorry, fishy, for eating you!)

Moving on.

A few things that seemed bad this week, but turned out to be pretty okay:

1. I almost jumped through the phone to strangle my momma the other day for inviting my sister’s in-laws over for Thanksgiving (or so I thought!). We don’t even have room for our OWN families, much less sissy’s in-laws! As is it, we already have to book hotel rooms and borrow ovens and cookware from friends to make it work! Thankfully, I was misunderstanding the story my mom was telling me; my SISTER and her HUSBAND are coming for Thanksgiving, INSTEAD of going to her in-laws! Phew! Thanks, mom, for not inviting the whole world over to MY house for the holidays! Hooray for sissy and my new brother-in-law joining us after all!

2. We’re going to Florida for a wedding this month, which is going to be super-duper fun! Because A. We really like these people (LT Fromage’s former commander, the one he replaced, and one of my good Non-Sucky Army Wife friends) and B. I’ve never been to Florida and the beach sounds amazing right now. Well, yesterday the hotel we’d booked called to say they’d made a little uh-oh and overbooked so our room was not in fact available. LT Fromage was about to jump through the phone to strangle the reservationist. But then this happened: to say they’re sorry, they offered us a BEACH HOUSE one block away for $100 LESS than we’d paid for the hotel! Boo-yah!

3. This deployment news is actually turning out to be pretty alright. Without divulging too much (Because none of this is definite yet, and some of it is a secret… sshhh!), we’re looking at a very short deployment beginning at the most perfect time. If all goes well, LT Fromage will leave precisely when I plan to quit my current job and start working from home. Actually, MY FOLKS’ HOME! Going home is actually good news for me because I love my family and moving back home will be pretty cool. Not to mention it will save us a big wad of cash (Like, 3 months of rent, utilities, etc!) Again, timing is everything, and there’s one more element that needs to fall into place (the secret!), but it’s looking good, really good! :-) And of course, for LT Fromage, deploying as the Commander of his troop, well that’s pretty freakin' sweet for him!

(On a side note, deployment means another run of NTC (yep, he’ll have to go again) which will delay our Vegas vacation; but we should be able to go afterward, and even stay in Vegas longer than we originally planned, so that’s not even so bad.)

I’m so excited for Thanksgiving, everyone we wanted to come will be here, and no one will be there that we didn’t invite! Our mini-vacay to Florida is just weeks away – Beach House here we come! And for the time being (Until the Army changes things again, which they inevitably will), this deployment isn’t looking so bad after all!

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  1. Ah Florida! Has such a heavenly ring to it. Beaches and sun and I'm sure the wedding's going to be great!

    Don't beat yourself up too much over a fish taco. Are you sure it was real fish? HA!


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