Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sister of the Bride

My younger sister is getting hitched this Sunday, congrats, girly!

Lucky for me, my date will be able to join me for this shindig; until last night it looked like I was going stag but LT Fromage is due home tomorrow afternoon after a long month away, almost 3 weeks of that was without any contact. Usually I’m very proud to be an Army wife but lately I’m just jealous of all the time they get with him while I’m left home alone. Sadness.

Besides the wedding, our other awesome Denver plans include:

-Enjoying 0% humidity and temperatures that don’t reach triple digits. Oh, Denver weather, how I’ve missed you!

-Seeing my and LT Fromage’s buddies from back home, hooray for old friends! We will probably incorporate some meals, so it’s even gonna be 10 times better!

-Seeing my dad, who we haven’t seen since our wedding last September (Hopefully he will make us some of his dee-lish home-made salsa.. yum!)

-Mystery Dinner Theater (Bachelorette party! Whoever planned this is amazing... Oh, wait... ME! *wink*)

-The Grand Lux for the rehearsal dinner. yummy to my tummy!

-Taking in a Rockies game at Coors Field (and eating gooey stadium nachos, yum)

-Eating many mm-mm good foods, including Ethiopian, Auntie Annie’s Pretzels, some amazing Mediterranean hole-in-the-wall and Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli (Drooling… Drooling all over the keyboard right now!)

Yikes. I see a trend. I trend that’s gonna pack on about 800 pounds! Totally going to be worth it, though! (Ever eaten at Heidi’s? You have to agree!)

So, readers, when you don’t see any posts for a while it’s because I’m busy being the Matron of Honor for my sista. Or I’m stuffing my face.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Appliance Appreciation Day

I love appliances. The Christmas that LT Fromage proposed, I’d asked for a blender, but he gave me ring, which was way better anyway. (But momma got me the blender, thanks, mom!)

My cabinets are full of gadgets. A Forman grill for Panini’s, a blender for smoothies and apple butter, an electric knife (Which vegetarians don’t seem to have much use for), hand mixers for cakes and mashed potatoes, a bread machine for yummy homemade sourdough (I even had 2 for a while there), rice cookers, a crock pot (best thing EVER, if you don’t own one, go out NOW and find one!), waffle maker, omelet maker, pasta maker, fondue pot… if it goes in the kitchen, I probably have it. If I don’t have it yet, you can be sure I’m coveting it.

I love cooking, even when it’s with a wooden spoon and my big Pyrex bowl, but all these extras make it even more fun! (Especially the pasta machine because, a word of advice, rolling that dough out with a hand roller is hard work.) The thing is, if buying things to make something I already like easier makes me happy, how awesome would it feel to buy helpy-things for the stuff I don’t like?

I blogged about my new vacuum a while back and meant to update when it arrived but, better late than never…


I love it more than cheese. I love it more than diet soda. I love it more than… Well, you get the point. If you have pets, or even if you don’t, this thing will rock your world. I can’t get over how clean it gets our carpets! (I should totally be a spokesperson for Bissell) The night I assembled it I stayed up long past midnight cleaning (Big deal, for someone who's usually asleep by 9!). Even after the vacuuming was done, it was as if the machine had a cleaning-power over me and when it took hold I couldn’t stop myself from rearranging closets, cleaning underneath beds, tackling the desk drawers… And to think I used to hate vacuuming!

The Bissell came just in time. Ever since the fleas moved in, vacuuming has been a daily chore. And I’m not talking “let’s just get the clumps of dog hair up real quick,” kind of vacuuming. This is serious stuff, “Mother-In-Law is visiting” vacuuming, “Land Lord Inspection” vacuuming, the kind of vacuuming that involves every attachment behind every piece of furniture. Every day. In the 2 short weeks I’ve owned this fine machine, I’ve got my money’s worth!

Since the Bissell revolutionized the way I felt about cleaning our carpeted surfaces, I got to thinking about my linoleum.

I hate mopping more than I hate(d!) vacuuming. The Hoover Floor Mate became my new obsession, reviews and price comparisons took over my bookmarks. And then I saw it (queue the music). On sale at Target, $10 cheaper than I’d ever found it before… A few hours later I sang while I cleaned the kitchen floors, and they’re the cleanest they’ve ever been (Although, I will say, it left them a little streaky, but knowing that the dirty water isn’t going back on the floor was so nice!)

Next on my wish list is The Shark Portable Steam Pocket. Because, yes, buying things to make un-fun chores easier is pretty much the best idea ever.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

LT Fromage

Hubby will henceforth be referred to as LT Fromage.

Our formal mail comes to “LT and Mrs. Freakin’ Awesome Last Name”. Now, I’m totally proud to be Mrs. Freakin’ Awesome Last Name because it means I’m married to hubby, but when did I just become “Mrs.”?

Come to think of it, “Mrs” isn’t so bad, some of our other mail comes to Jumie, and that’s not I usually spell my name… since that’s not actually my name…

So, if I have to be “Mrs” on our mail, from now on hubby has to be LT Fromage on my blog. Hey, at least he gets to keep his rank! I could demote him to just “Mr”. I could also call him Mr. Weatherford, because that’s what our honeymoon suite was booked under, even though that’s not our Freakin’ Awesome Last Name.

Jumie Weatherford… Nah.

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Little More Serious

Whether you support this war or oppose it, please keep the Goeke family in your thoughts or prayers.

Regardless of your feelings about where they are or why they are there, these men and women leave behind their children, their families, their friends, their husbands and wives to protect us. Parents watch their sons and daughters go off to war, they go so what we don’t have to. All of them give some, and some of them give all.

1st LT Christoper Goeke was a classmate of hubby’s. If I ever met him, if was probably in a rush of short-haired, uniformed men at a graduation ceremony or 100th night celebration. He wasn’t a particularly close friend of hubby’s, but I immediately knew the name from conversation and stories.

Yesterday was the very first time that I saw an announcement and knew who it was. I found his picture in the Howitzer that sits on our bookshelf, I knew when he’d graduated, commissioned and been promoted. He had a wife (of 18 short months), his life and career were in line with hubby’s, which made it so much more real. I can easily imagine the excitement that his wife felt as she waited for his return next month. I can’t even begin to understand how she feels now.

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself on Saturday night, after a long day at work, I’d come home to flea bath 2 dogs and 2 cats by myself (Which went surprisingly well, by the way). I flea combed, vacuumed every carpeted or upholstered surface and mopped everything else. If it fit in the washer, in the washer it went. Our lab reacted badly to something (The fleas? The treatment?) and has been crying and bleeding. I’m still sick, I was tired and I wished so badly hubby was around to help, or at least hold me at the end of the night. I cried myself to sleep, wishing that the Army valued marriage more and didn’t keep him away so often or would at least let him call… Then I learned that Kelsey’s husband isn’t ever coming home.

I miss hubby more than ever now, but at least I’ll get to hold him again.

Thank you, 1st Lt Goeke for your service and sacrifice. To your family, you are in my prayers, thank you for your sacrifice.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Well, There Goes My Weekend

Last night I was petting our lab, Buford, and found myself with a handful of FLEAS. There are simply not enough yucky words to describe what that was like.

Immediately, thoughts of itchy cats and dogs began to flash through my mind: Toby has been leaving what looked like dirt behind after scratching… Garret has seemed unusually obsessed with grooming… Erika has been scratching more than usual…

Hubby and I decided long ago that some things are worth paying someone else to do for us. Bathing the dogs is one of those things (As is mowing the lawn).

I learned two things this morning when I called the groomer to schedule appointments:

1. Petco won’t groom your dog if they don’t have a current rabies vaccination.
2. Erika’s rabies expired a few weeks ago.

Tonight I’ll be at Wal-Mart, buying flea shampoo and combs and one of those flea foggers, too. Flea collars, flea powders, anything marketed towards pet owners facing fleas, into my cart it will go!

When I get home, I will coax two large, unruly dogs into the upstairs bathroom.

I will do my best to keep them in the tub.

I will shampoo, I will comb and I will treat with over-the-counter flea preventatives.

When it’s all over, I know it will be long into the night. I will smell like wet dog. My bathroom will be ruined. My dogs will hate me.

Then I get to do the cats.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Green Curry

I am an “Emotional Eater”. At least this is what caloriecount told me, after a very scientifically designed 5 question quiz. There wasn’t a result for “I just simply love food and the activity of eating”, but that’s also accurate.

I decided to read an article about how to control my emotional eating because in order to stay on track with the goals I set for myself I need to weigh about 9 pounds less than I do now, by the end of the month. Doable, but it’s going to be a stretch. I just have to get myself under control and put away the fondue pot. (Since I’m sick I’ve been playing by the rule “I don’t feel good so I can do whatever I want”. Glance at yesterday’s post and you’ll see that “whatever I want” is usually eating)

One of the suggestions offered in this article was to bascially “suffer the consequences”. After eating something you regret, focus on it. Memorize the way you feel (guilt, bloated) so that next time you’re tempted, you will recall that memory and resist!

While the writer is referring to a whole, entire muffin (gasp!), my mind immediately went to Green Curry.

I love Green Curry. If I had kids, I might love Green Curry more than I would love my kids. I fought hubby for YEARS when it came to eating Thai food, I swore I wouldn’t like it and it would make me sick (Chinese food, while every so tasty, makes me want to kill myself later). He finally made me try it, I actually cried before we left for the restaurant. Yes. I was that opposed. But then the first, scrumptious forkful landed on my tongue, and I was hooked.

Sadly, while my taste buds savor every morsel of the meal, my tummy has more delicate preferences when it comes to food. There are consequences much worse than guilt and bloating.

I’ve tried Tums, I tried Pepto, and I even tried chugging half a bottle of Pepto and then jumping around the room in order to “thoroughly coat every part of my tummy”, I even follow my areobics with Tums for good measure. Thus far, nothing has worked.

My favorite plan-in-the-works is to swallow a deflated balloon, so that opening is at the bottom of my throat. Every bite will be trapped inside of the balloon before it has a chance to meet my stomach. Now I’m working on figuring out the logistics,

1. How to safely swallow a balloon and somehow place it just so, in order to trap every delicious bite, and 2. How to tie that sucker off when I’m done eating.

Hubby doesn’t have much confidence in my plan, but has has yet to offer another solution. Readers: any suggestions will be appreciated and attempted.

There are two ways to look at battle when it comes to Curry.

I have absolutely no will power; I just can’t give the stuff up. Even if it does make me sick.

I have absolutely amazing will power! No matter what that Curry tries to do to my insides, I keep eating it! I will fight and conquer!

What did I learn from that article? I learned that, despite the “recalled consequences”, I will continue eating food that makes me feel terrible. But I also learned that I have amazing endurance and creativity, and I should probably channel some of that effort into eating better.

I’m also suddenly really craving Green Curry.

A Confession

Last night, I had a one night stand with Freddy’s Frozen Custard.

I’ve been on a diet since May and I’ve lost more than 20 pounds, but I haven’t had a really delicious (veggie) burger in months.

My Waistline wants to be in an exclusive relationship, meaning no fried foods or other delicious things on the side, but since I’m sick, I’m playing by the rule “I don’t feel good so I can do whatever I want”. This is a very fun rule, and yesterday my Tummy really wanted a veggie burger, fries and milkshake. I, following the rules, obliged and, O..M..G.., it was heavenly. However, it was just a fling, while we may meet again one day, this certainly won’t become a long term relationship.

(I also had a rendezvous with Cheese Fondue over the weekend; we hadn’t seen each other in a long time, it was wonderful to reunite!).

This morning, The Scale found out about Freddy’s and the Fondue, it wasn’t too happy about my wandering. I’m sorry, Scale. We can work through this, it won’t happen again!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Free Advice

Dear Rude Man Speaking With a Tone:

Here’s a tip,

If you want something from me, don’t start your request with:

“Are you someone who can actually help me, or are you just a receptionist?”

I was both. Now I’m just one. Guess which? ;-)

(All he wanted was the phone number for Public Works. Seems like something anyone could provide, even a plain ol’ receptionist…)

If that number doesn't work, it might be just a digit off....


-- The Receptionist

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bag Lady

Late last week I came to the realization that I look like a bag lady.

I think I get this from my mom, who carries a messenger bag everywhere, in addition to her large purse. We’ve joked that she needs a rolling luggage, and I’m sure if she had one, she’d fill that, too. Like my mom, I need to be prepared. Raining? I’ve got an umbrella right here! A paper cut? Triple antibiotic and a band-aid coming right up! Chipped nail polish? What color do you need, I have 3 bottles! Of course, when I need something, finding it in the black-hole that is my purse can be tricky…

In addition to my “emergency” items, I also have to carry the essentials: cell phone, wallet, keys, etc. and the not-so-essentials like lip gloss, a comb and gum. With the little space I have left, I like to throw in a book of Soduku puzzles for when I have a few extra minutes, and I carry whatever book I’m reading at the time, too, in case I have more than a few minutes (Carrying around a big, thick hardcover quickly becomes something of a work out!).

As if I don’t carry enough in my purse, I’ve recently found myself carrying not one, but TWO plastic grocery bags full of goodies into work with me each morning. Since there’s obviously no room left in my purse, I have to pack my lunch in its own bag. This is understandable and is in fact, common among my coworkers. One plastic bag, used for carrying a meal, is acceptable. But then I have the second bag.

Since starting my medical transcriptionist classes I’ve learned that the best time to study is on my lunch break, it’s become an uninterrupted hour in which to take quizzes and practice vocabulary words. I’m flying through my lessons and feeling pretty accomplished. But, in order to tackle my studies at work, I have to have my supplies. Books, flash cards, CDs… And it all ended up in a white plastic sack.

Each morning I reach my desk looking as though I’ve come from the grocery store… Or I’m carrying around all of my belongings. Probably the latter.

Lucky for me, I ended up with a FREE, cute, blue, handmade bag. (Because, even though I know I look like a bag lady, I wouldn't have purchased a cool messenger bag... It would go on my to-do list with 100 other things that don't ever get done!)

I stopped in a funky little store on my way home from work on Thursday, one of my NSAW )(Non-sucky Army Wife) friends recommended it to me recently, where I bought this darling cream and sugar set addition to my cow-themed-kitchen.

How perfect was it that this charming store wrapped them up safely for the drive home in old dress patterns, and sent me out carrying them in a handmade, cloth bag!

I’ll defiantly be going back to T-La-Rae in the future (and if I bring my bag back, to use again, they offer 10% off!), and I transferred my school supplies to my new bag as soon as I got home. I may still be a bag lady, but at least I’m not advertizing for Wal-Mart everywhere I go.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin

My name is Lady Fromage, and I am a woman with facial hair.

Hubby noticed it first (how embarrassing!), I remember it like it was yesterday, let me take you there…

It’s July, we are in Missouri for his best friend’s wedding. We’re newly in love, we’d gone out dancing and drinking the night before, we closed the bar and the party wasn’t over when we made it back home, it was (and still is!) one of the most fun nights I’ve ever had. Now, a little hunger over, we’re getting ready for the Catholic ceremony. I’m wearing my favorite turquoise dress, I love the way it fits and I’m feeling like hot stuff, I can’t help but wonder if we’ll be the next couple from the group exchanging rings (and we were!). Hubby gazed at me, I imagined he was thinking of our wedding, too, but instead of proclaiming his undying love, he asked me for scissors. I told him, no, I didn’t pack any, what did he need them for? And this is what he said…

“Well, it’s just that you have a big chin hair… right there… I was going to trim it.”

Oh, the horror! I couldn’t believe it, but he was right; I did indeed have a dark, hideous hair sprouting from my face. The chin hair was promptly plucked with tweezers, and I have since kept a close watch for its return (I’ve been plucking it once a week or so).

I don’t understand why I’m BALDING (true story) but will soon have to buy a Mach 3 to keep my 5 o’clock shadow at bay…

So unfair.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What Makes You Happy?

I’m a member of a book club, right now we’re finishing up The Happiness Project (I already finished… I couldn’t help myself!) and the question keeps being asked, “What makes you happy?”

Not, “what ought to make you happy,” or “what you don’t mind doing” but what actually makes you HAPPY.

I couldn’t believe how much trouble I had answering this question, I mean, I’m a basically happy person, I’d even say I’m above average on the happiness scale, but if I could do anything, what would I do?

First we focused on careers.

I’m not really career driven. It’s not that I’m not ambitious, but my goals just haven’t ever been related to a paycheck. Some people are meant to be CEOs and some of us are meant to be homemakers. Unfortunately, the rewards of being a stay at home wife/mom don’t include a paycheck.

While it’s not a passion or childhood dream of mine, I am taking the necessary steps to become a medical transcriptionist. Typing doesn’t necessarily make me happy, but I’m good at it (My average WPM are 85, but I can reach 94!) and guess what? WHERE I work will probably make me happier than WHAT I do. First and foremost, it means no socialization whatsoever, and solitude makes me (very) happy! This has got to be the best job for intoverts! It also means I can run laundry during the day (it’s hard to transfer from the washer to the dryer when I work 20 miles from home) and have supper in the oven before hubby comes home. Keeping a clean house and a hot supper on the table make me happy. In addition to being an introvert, I’m also a morning person, so being able to start work at 5:30 (and be done by 2!) will make me happy, too. Working from home will make me happy.

Next we talked about what hobbies make you happy.

I felt like I should say “getting mani/pedis with the girls!” or “collecting shot glasses” but those don’t really make me happy. This is what I came up with:

Cooking (but not baking)
Playing cards
Watching baseball games
Being outside
Eating out
Collecting Holstein cows
Trying new cheeses
Taking pictures
Farmville (*grin*)
Going to 7:30 Mass
Snuggling into big blankets
Buying serving dishes (I don’t have a set, I have too much fun finding individual pieces one by one)
Relaxing in the afternoon sun
Antique stores
Buying and wrapping Christmas presents


What makes you happy?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Microwave Popcorn

I’ve been reading all sorts of tasty things to top popcorn with (Curry powder, hot sauce, cyan pepper, garlic salt, black pepper, cinnamon..!) and the 100 calorie bags are a perfect snack, with lots of fiber, too! What delicious ideas!

Thursday night I had a craving: I HAD to have popcorn. Hubby paused the A-Team episode we were watching on Netflix and I hit the kitchen for my fix.

I love popcorn now, but apparently I wasn’t crazy about it before because we did in fact have a box, but it expired in…


Even worse than actually having that in our pantry was the fact that I was still going to eat it (Embarrassing, but I wanted some of that tasty goodness in my tummy so bad!). Thank you, hubby, for taking me to Wal-Mart for a fresh box and being my voice of reason, making me throw away the long-expired snack.

When that popcorn expired…

Hubby and I weren’t even dating! He was pursuing me, he claims I was “blowing him off” (I’d call it playing hard to get… Whatever it was, it worked!), we were texting and myspace messaging. We’d been on 1 date.

The Colorado Rockies were an underdog team, squeezing out the wins they needed to make it all the way to the World Series. Even though the Red Sox swept, what a great run it was! I take credit for their amazing performance, since I only missed 18 of 81 regular-season home games that year (Yes, 81. The tie-breaker game that ran 13 innings, my boys finally took the win when Holiday slid into home plate, 9-8!). I was in attendance for all of the post-season play.

Hubby was still a West Point Cadet, starting his Firstie (senior) year. He still wore glasses and had his wisdom teeth.

Our (Then, my) dog, Satchel, still had good knees (We had to put him to sleep 11 months ago, after his 4th ACL tear).

I still had good knees, too.

I was living in the Sherman house. That means since September 2007, I’ve moved 3 times!

How did I possibly pack and move not once, not twice, but THREE times a box of expired popcorn?

Yesterday I checked the expiration date on every item in my cabinets, just to make sure there wasn’t a bag of Oreos from my childhood hiding in the back. No frightening discoveries, I’m happy to say everything was fresh.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Please Hurry, Bissell!

First off: Happy belated 4th of July, readers! How lucky we are to live in this country, and a tremendous thanks to those men and women who protect us and our rights. Hubby: You are my hero (Well, you and my daddy!), thank you for everything you do for your men, our great nation and everything you do for our little family.

On to a few websites worth mentioning:

These are where I’ve been spending most of my online down-time. I haven’t actually purchased anything from etsy yet, but I’m super excited to, I’m having a blast browsing! The only thing I’ve actually purchased recently is a new vacuum cleaner, but to be honest, I’m pretty stoked about that! (You would be excited, too, if you were able to scrape this much hair off of the carpet with your shoes! ** Soda can used in comparison to show actual size.)

I finally broke down and bought the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser HEPA Dual Cyclonic Bagless Upright. We’ve spent hours on the floor with our (cheap, piece of…) disassembled vacuum, digging clots of hair out of the tubes with a bent clothes hanger, and when it quit again last week, well, frankly, I’d had enough! My Bissell is scheduled to arrive sometime this week, I can hardly wait!

A few other little things that have made me happy lately:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show. My sister has been on a mission for years to get my mom and me to watch it, my mom gave in a few months ago and it’s now her favorite movie! I finally picked up a copy and, folks, it’s pretty much amazing! I think mom and I now like it more than little sister! We both watch it border-line obsessively. Thanks, chica, for introducing us to this quirky film. The “Time Warp” is now one of my favorite things ever.

My sleeping mask. I’d commented that I wanted one, and being silly, dreamed up a very extravagant “Princess mask” that I would need in order to rest. About a week later, a black and pink silk sleeping mask came in the mail, with “Princess” embroidered on the front. (“It was the closest thing I could find” he told me) I love my new mask, and now hubby tells me I’m a princess every night before we fall asleep.

Dierks Bentley’s new CD “Up on the Ridge”. Uhm, pretty much AMAZING. He’s got this great bluegrass and acoustic sound going on, there’s only one song I’m not crazy about! If you get a chance, check it out. “Senior” is the best song on the album, if you ask me.

**Note: Our house isn’t as gross as this picture would make you think, I promise! Our vacuum basically quit 6 days prior, which was great timing because our darling Erika is shedding like fur is going out of style.
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