Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm Still Here

I wish I had something entertaining to share as an explanation for my absence, but frankly I don’t. I’m just too busy, or too lazy, or not committed enough to this blog. At least I’m honest :-)

It’s just the normal chaos around the Fromage house: work, school, LT Fromage’s work, sick pets* and trying to keep up with housework, bills and our (slowly diminishing) social lives.

*One of our cats, Toby, has suddenly started peeing everywhere, because God knows I needed another fun situation since we finally got rid of the fleas. Until we get this straightened out (which may be a while because it involves finding a new vet since our old is an @$$ hole) Tobes is staying in the dogs’ kennel when we can’t watch him. There’s nothing like starting your morning before 5AM scrubbing the kennel and vacuuming litter! Hooray!

Amidst the daily struggle to stay above water, here are the highlights:

The crusade is over, I finally figured out the secret to a delicious green curry! No joking around here, it tastes exactly like the dish I so love to order at our local Thai restaurant! Want the secret?

THIS CAN! Yup. All that work, hours spent chopping, dicing, and bent over the mortar and pestle (aka “the squisher”) and all I had to do was open a freakin’ can. At first I was outraged that it should be so… simple? Unauthentic? But guess what? It takes me 25 minutes to make this at home now, which means I can have it EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK (If you think I’m exaggerating… I’m not.). Plus, it’s really cheap – 99 cents for a can of paste, which is good for about 3 servings, and total up the other ingredients (Coconut milk, veggies and tofu), you’re looking at about $3 a serving, which is much easier on the bank account than the $13 I was shelling out before. The other great thing? Now that I’ve mastered the green curry, I can branch out and experiment with some other recipes from my curry book!

The primary culprit in my lack of spare time is school, but all my time is paying off; I’m cruisin’ right through my Medical Transcription training. I’m about 40% complete, maintaining an A, which is great because our entire life seems up in the air right now with news that LT Fromage may in fact be deploying.

Things we are unsure about since yesterday: Our plans for the holidays, our upcoming Vegas trip, where LT Fromage and myself will be working in 2011, and where we will be living in 2011.

The New Year will be bringing our family a lot of changes; we just don’t know what they are yet!

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  1. Seriously? Curry in a can, huh? I think I'm still better off heading to my favorite Thai restaurant. It's amazing how I can manage to goof up even a can!!! ;)

    Way to go on the transcription training! I'm thinking of you, and all of the unanswered paths you have ahead of you. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.


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