Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Livin’ the Dream

Some years ago, I purchased a cow shaped cookie cutter. If you don’t know it by now, I love cows. However, I don’t love cookies as much as I do cows, at least not sugar cookies (the only ones that really hold their shape. I tried making cow chocolate chip cookies…. Fail.) But last night, my dream became reality, we finally made cow cookies (and I didn’t burn the house down in the process!)!

I rolled out the dough, cut lots of little bovines and baked away until their little toes turned golden brown. Once they cooled, we iced. I even bought black decorating icing and those fancy little tips (which didn’t fit, by the way; we ended up squirting icing into sandwich bags and cutting the corner off. Resourcefulness: just one of my many gifts.) I even went so far as to buy little pearl sprinkles for eyes. Hardcore? Maybe; but I’ve been waiting for this day for quite some time.

LT Fromage decorated his cows with red and green spots, since he was in a festive mood (er, I was hogging the black icing).

Santa’s not the only one who likes cookies and milk, so when LT Fromage finished his snack we poured some leftover milk into a cat-sized mug for Toby, who sat on the cow rug and helped finish off dad’s drink. Before we finished up, we carefully made 5 dime-sized cookies for the rats (The Ladies). The dogs didn’t get to partake in the festivities. Sorry, guys.

Giant snowflakes and tiny twinkle lights are hanging and the garland, nativity and stockings will soon emerge too. Best of all? LT Fromage suggested we go pick out our tree… THIS WEEKEND. Shocked? You should be! This comes from the man who grew up in a family who was getting their pine on Christmas-freakin’-eve! I, the polar opposite, erected my fake greenery as early as November 1st when I was a single lady. I thought this gesture was a peace offering since I slept on the couch the night before, but in fact, it’s due to his work schedule; this being the only weekend we can go unless we want to pick up a scraggly tree a few days before the holiday. Whatever the reason, we get the tree this weekend, and I can’t wait!

And finally,

I started Twittering. Yeah, they got me. Be sure to follow me (on the side bar to your right) so you can get updates on my super exciting life every time anything semi-awesome happens. C’mon, you know you want to!


  1. hooray for getting a tree -- I think we are going this weekend...at least I hope we go this weekend!
    PS I LOVE the cow cookies - they are so cute!

  2. Those holsteins are beautiful. (The green and red? A new breed, I assume...) I like cows too. They just make me happy. I even like their smell. (Sorry. I do.) You go with that tree...whenever. It's the thought that counts.

  3. Cow cookies! Yes! Between your cookies and my cupcakes, we could open one heck of a bakery. ;)

  4. Those cow cookies are fabulous!
    Thanks for popping over to visit my blog recently :)

  5. Welp, I live in Texas, so you know I'm all over cattle like white on rice. You can't live in this state unless you've got a cow accessory in your house. But, I never actually thought of a cow cookie cutter (mostly because they're probably obscured by the eleven thousand Aggie cookie cutters)...

  6. My best friend, who is a Non-Sucky Army Wife and fellow cow lover, is an Aggie! I should find her one of those cookie cutters. She's also an avid baker and makes much better cookies than I do (But thanks, all, for the compliments!! *grin*)

    Jo, I also like the smell of cows. But maybe not while I'm baking :)

  7. Must get one of them for my mother-in-law. Too subtle, you think?

  8. Hello dearest Ms. Fromage!
    I loved this post! Loved the cow shaped cookies. My husband would have married you if he'd met you first. He was a cow-shaped things collector before he met me. Then I made him throw everything out because I was not having a cow kitchen!
    That picture of your cat is priceless! How good is life when you don't even have to get up from your sleeping position to drink?
    I wonder if we could get away with that?

  9. Well check you out, you Twitter Cow Cookie Lady!!! I'm so impressed by your awesome cow cookies! (Can I get a "mooooo-mooooo"?!!) I do believe they are the very first Cow Cookies I've ever seen, and so adorable!!

    As far as the Twitter ... I haven't taken up the twit,tweet,twoot habit. But maybe someday I'll be inspired by your lead and join the fun. Have a great time with it!


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