Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Adult Content

So LT Fromage has XM radio in his car, Beth. My truck is a 2004 so I’m stuck with the basics, AM, FM and CD player. Which is totally fine, but I do enjoy driving Beth sometimes because, among other stations, I can listen to Cosmo Radio.

Cosmo is pretty much my bible.

So a few months ago, while listening to this fabulous talk radio channel in LT Fromage’s car, an ad was played which offered a 25% discount code for a website which offered Cosmo’s Truth or Dare card game, which as soon as I learned of it had to have.

Upon returning home I immediately logged onto the website, which turned out to be strongly adult themed. NBD, I’ve seen the naked body before and I am a cheap wad so I wanted my discount. (This is why I love online shopping. No one has to know what you’re doing. Unless you later blog about it. Oops) Days came and went, my game arrived (Which, as is everything Cosmo cranks out, is fantastic) and life went on. Except that in addition to the game, I seem to have bought myself a life time of mailers from this adult website.

Now, every time I open my email there’s a “coupon code” or “special offer” from this website. For no real reason I once opened one of these messages, unfortunately it was while I was at work and I got a message explaining that some content of the page I was trying to view had been blocked… Oops.

It’s easy enough to delete a few emails without anyone being the wiser that I’ve got 3 or 4 porn messages in my inbox (Again, unless you blog about it. Eff) but the mailers are what are really getting to me.

A few times a month, a flashy envelope plastered with nude women posed provocatively but in such a way that covers just enough to allow these to go out in the mail. So now the post man thinks I’ve got some kind of fetish, I’m sure. It didn’t help that recently we received a package and our nice mailman came to the door to deliver it, bringing with him our mail. With a Play Boy special lying right on top. Some dark haired beauty, naked, of course, crawling under the HUGE wording, “LT Fromage, sign up now for a special offer! 1 year of Play Boy for $19.99!”

Normally our friends who live down the street watch our house and pets while we’re gone. They used to pick up our mail, too, but I’ve since stopped leaving the key for obvious reasons.

At least if I ever want to buy a blow-up fireman, I’m sure to have a catalog in the mail and discount code or two in my inbox…

*Normally I’d try to find a fitting picture to go with this post, but since I’m at work I’m not going to google image search this one.


  1. Ugh! I hate the porno and viagra-type emails. I've never really gotten those in the mail. You could probably be fired from work for even blogging if they are like some places. I think our school emails were screened. Big Brother is watching.

  2. hahaha oh no! I am SO glad stuff like that hasn't come to me or my hubby. The last thing I need is for our neighbors to think we are a bunch of fetish 'freaks' lol! I think we would get kicked out of the neighborhood =)


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