Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tweeting is for the Birds

Someone help me out. I need to know, what the eff is Twitter?

If a bird, say, an African Gray parrot is involved, I’m in, but I have a feeling it’s something…. techy.

How did this happen to me? A million years ago I did contract work building websites (back when it was good old HTML coding and nothing more); after high school, I pursued a degree in graphic design, but somewhere along the way, I lost it. I can still write HTML (which is like, drawing on cave walls nowadays), but I have no idea what a 3G, or heaven forbid, a 4G phone is.

The last time I upgraded my cell phone (about 2 years ago) I was shown the Iphone, but I actually paid more for a regular old phone. A phone with buttons and no internet, a phone I knew how to use. I’m not sure how many Gs it is, but it’s green and so I’m happy with that.

Maybe for my next upgrade, I’ll get the Jitter Bug. Then this could be LT and Lady Fromage

Ok, so someone help me out. What the heck is twitter? Do I need one? More than one? What is it people “tweet” about? Is this something like a facebook status because I’m still not even facebook savy, all I can do there is plow a virtual farm. Without the crutch of updates like “I just harvested 9 plots of wheat!” I’m not sure what I’d have to say to Twitter. Probably things like “Running late, but really have to poop. Should I go ahead and go and be late, or wait until I get to work?” or “My sweater has a hole in it, but I’ll probably wear it anyway and if anyone says something I’ll just act surprised”. Most of my updates would probably read “Picking up green curry on the way home from work, yum!” and quite frankly, while that’s earth shatteringly exciting for me, all those people in cyberspace may be less than impressed.

So I ask you, readers, do any of you Twitter or Tweet? What do you say? And how many Gs must your phone possess to work this magic? (Extra love if you explain what the G is)

Reviews on the Jitter bug will also be accepted, as I’m due for a phone upgrade soon.

Many thanks,
Lady Fromage


  1. You're so young. I just assumed you'd be techno-savy. I'm old and barely able to blog, so don't ask me. My daughter shamed me into being on facebook, but I don't tweet, honey. My "friends" on FB don't usually comment on things I post, so I'm sure no one will be all a-twitter if I tweet. (Why do I feel as though I have a lisp?)

  2. Okay. I had this very same dilemma last week. I tried tweeting and basically went out with a whimper. It was sad. Pathetic actually.

    But, I am nothing if not resilient (and possibly a tad bit stupid) and tried my hand at Twitter again. So basically it goes like this: You join. You follow some people. You tweet. If you want to say something directly to someone, you say @bigfatginiblog. If you want to add a hash tag or follow a "trend," you #blahblahblah. Then, you download TweetDeck and do it all from one place (Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc).

    Easy as pie.

    Um, right?

    And now I'll be singing the Jitterbug song all day long. Oh wait. Nope. Now it's Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.

  3. I still really don't get the point of Twitter. I'll go on there occasionally and say random stupid things - but I mostly feel like it's just a bunch of people trying to be cool.

    I don't really get it either, don't worry.

  4. I was thinking about doing Twitter, but I really think that it would be a great, big waste of time for me. I have a blog, so I don't think I need another place where the world can stalk me and read about my life.

    As for as for Gs and phones - I don't have a phone and have no clue what "Gs" are, sorry! ;)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! :)

    Felicity @ Simple Elegance

  5. You are funny!

    As for twitter, I can't even manage to update my facebook status more than twice a month, so I see no reason to tell everyone the stupid details about my life on a constant basis. OR read theirs. I guess I'll just be happy with my acid washed jeans and my Journey cassette.


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