Friday, November 5, 2010

My favorite day of the year – The Monday After Daylight Savings Time Ends.

" What we need in this country, instead of Daylight Savings Time, which nobody really understands anyway, is a new concept called Weekday Morning Time, whereby at 7 a.m. every weekday we go into a space- launch-style "hold" for two to three hours, during which it just remains 7 a.m. This way we could all wake up via a civilized gradual process of stretching and belching and scratching, and it would still be only 7 a.m. when we were ready to actually emerge from bed. " - Dave Barry

Ah, extra hour of sleep on Monday morning, how I have been waiting for you. Even going to bed “early” feels wonderful, so restful and relaxing you are, Non-Daylight Savings Time.

Everyone remember to change your clocks, your alarm batteries, your underwear, whatever it is you’ve committed to refreshing when this splendid time of year comes around. (I hope everyone is changing their undies at least slightly more frequently….)

And finally, in case you’ve forgotten: Spring forward, fall back. No one show up to work at the wrong hour as I’ve done. Multiple times…


  1. Hey...Great new layout!! Well since we have to change our clocks, I'm glad we gain an extra hour. I like the Fall Back better than the Spring ahead!

  2. Love the quote on your header. In AZ we stay "normal" old time all the time. It's so heavenly not to have to change those 1000 clocks. (But I do try to change the underwear...) Enjoy your extra hour. (You realize it was taken away from you in the spring and you've been suckered out of it every day since?)

  3. I completely forgot it was DLS. I guess this means I get to sleep in from 11 to noon!!

  4. I still don't understand why we have Daylight Savings. Surely it's not necessary anymore, right?


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