Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winnie or Drew?

So yesterday, Drew (one of the local morning show hosts on the local radio station, another one of my “friends”) described the upcoming weather as, “blustery”. A word I’m fairly certain I haven’t heard said by anyone but Winnie the Pooh.

According to Drew, “blustery” apparently means “rain overnight, rain the in the morning, and snow in the afternoon.” I couldn’t reach the bear for his input from on the meaning of this cutesy word. (However, upon google image searching "whinnie the pooh blustery" this was what came up. Enjoy.)

Well, Fall, it’s been fun. Thanks for hanging around so long (no sarcasm intended here, we really did enjoy a spectacularly long fall season this year!). I enjoyed the lunches in the park, walks in the evenings and your slight chill when the window was left open at night. Thanks for the beautiful colors; however, if you could refrain from dropping those leaves all over the yard next year, I’d appreciate it. They look much better on the trees and they’re a pain in the @$$ to rake up. But that’s my only criticism.

Dear Winter, eff you. No matter how cute you try and make yourself by hiding behind charming descriptions like blustery, you still suck. Thanks to you, I’m frightened to open the heating bill, the dogs track mud all over the house and I’m soon going to be reacquainted with my ice scraper. Get lost, winter. No one likes you.

PS: I thought I’d put the snow to good use last year and let it hide all of those pesky leaves under it. Great idea from about November until March. Then I had to rake up soggy leaves. Turns out that was a bad idea. …..


  1. Yes, soggy leaves all mushed together are not fun to rake. Better when they are like corn flakes in the fall. Love the word blustery. Oh, bother! (That's Pooh too.)

  2. Last year Fall lasted about 3 days. The leaves turned, the wind blew, and kablooie! It was all over. It has been wonderful having an extended Fall this year. I've been thoroughly enjoying it.

  3. I'm with you on winter. Utah winters are kind of a bitch.

    Oh. And I hate raking. A lot.

    Don't I sound pleasant?

  4. We had a short fall last year, too. About a week. We missed it entirly because we were gone for our wedding/honeymoon. Dang! At least we had a full 8 weeks this year!

    So many good words from Pooh Bear. What a great fella he is :) A lot more cheerful than Chels... (just kidding! I hate winter and raking too, so you're no worse than I am!)

  5. I love fall! Winter hasn't quite made it here yet, but there's snow predicted for this weekend. Boo!


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