Monday, January 31, 2011

Keep the Change

I hate change. Not the coin kind so much, but life change. I’m a big proponent of structure, you see, I take after my MeMe, who once said “I don’t get it. Those planes won us WWII, they should work just fine now.” My PaPaw doesn’t understand why they even bother to make any pizza besides peperoni, one kind is enough for him and it should be for everyone else, too.

The change I’m upset about right now? Windows 7. I just got a new computer and, while I’m excited, I have to ask: Why must I keep relearning operating systems? What was so wrong with Vista? Why are all my buttons different? My task bar has changed! Why? Vista worked just fine, and more importantly, I KNEW HOW TO FREAKIN’ USE IT.

LT Fromage says change is good. It means improvement he tells me. Easy for him to say, he’s still running Vista (however, when we get him a new computer, I’m sure he’ll catch right on to whatever the new OS is it will come with at that time).
I haven’t even broken 30 yet and I’m already “that lady”, the one who doesn’t “get” the iphone (I can send texts and make calls with my handy slider phone, and even snap pictures. What more do you need?) and refused to buy a bluray player because her whole collection of movies was on DVD (My brother in law finally convinced me that a bluray player will in fact play my DVDs just fine, so I finally broke down and bought one for LT Fromage’s birthday… though it took me 3 hours on the phone with said brother in law to set it up). I drive an ’04 Ford without one of those fancy clickers that unlocks the doors (who needs it? I can unlock it with my key!) or XM radio (I’m still clinging to AM/FM and the occasional CD).

Just wait ‘til I’m 80. I don’t even want to think about the crazy evolutions in technology I’ll have seen by then. Rest assured I’ll take after my grandparents and have lots of opinions about the “advancements” and “improvements”. Why wait ‘til 80? I’ll start now. Stupid Windows 7… Vista worked just fine, and it still does. Who the H3LL thought we needed to upgrade…?


  1. I'm with you. I didn't even get a cell phone until I was almost 21 - so about 3 1/2 years ago. Texting? How did you do that T9 thing?

    Anyway, maybe we should start an old-ladies-in-their-twenties club. Pluto would still be a planet. We would have VCR and blu-ray combos. Ha.

  2. haha I am like that about some things but with others I love change =) I DID use to have the same thoughts as you about the iPhone but after playing with my mom's and sister's I am getting one for my birthday in April =)

  3. My daughter who is just 30 thinks I'm a mastodon or something similar. She mocks me constantly. I was the only one on the plane last week that didn't have an iphone. I was just fine, thank you. I hate change too. And heaven forbid you foul up the settings on my computer, dvd, television, or anything else electrical. I freak out BIG TIME!! So sue me cybernuts. Good luck with Windows 7. I'm still using Vista too and am happy as a fat clam. Heaven forbid this one goes down...

  4. Ah, Pluto. I miss you. You'll always be a planet to me.

    Haha, a mastodon... That made me laugh, jo! :)

  5. I feel like I'm always 10 steps behind technology...with my phone, I know how to text, take pictures and make calls...I'm sure it has so many more capabilities that I am unaware of. Same with my computer..Emailing and blogging is about it for me and I still struggle with pictures and videos...I know there must be an easier way..

    I'm really impressed you set up the Blueray player..I would have wrapped the box and let him set it up! Good for you!!

    I don't have an Iphone nor do I want one..My brain can only handle so much.

  6. It seems like as soon as I get used to something, it's obsolete. My Blackberry is like, a year old and already they've come out with seventeen new versions of my phone.

    And don't knock us 30-somethings, okay?!

    (also, awesome, awesome picture)

  7. We switched my husband laptop over to Windows 7 a while back - and he hated it. Now, that might be because he managed to deplete *everything* he had on his computer beforehand - but, you know.

    I'm not a big fan of change myself. My husband, on the other hand, LOVES keeping up with the Joneses (so to speak) when it comes to technology.

  8. Ah, the dreaded Windows 7. I got that recently. I hate it. (I miss XP b/c you could make it LOOK like the classic Windows.) I cuss at the screen, and hubby looks over at me from his desk, and calmly asks me what I'm trying to do. But I don't want his help, especially if he's going to be calm. I want my operating system to be intuitive. And 7 is not. NOT!

    And I drive a 1997 camry. Not so much b/c I don't like change. More so b/c I'm a cheapskate.

    What else? I don't text. I even had it deactivated on my phone.


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