Monday, January 10, 2011


I know, I know, I’ve been in hiding lately. Last week (while LT Fromage was away at training) I got word (over the phone, with bad reception) that his unit is deploying. In a matter of weeks. To Afghanistan.

Since life is so serene and balanced right now (sarcasm) this was just the news I wanted to hear (or barley hear, due to that bad reception. Still oozing sarcasm, by the way).

So I’ve been pulling myself together, making lists (what do we need to do/buy/change/cancel/add before he leaves?) and buying more rodents (It’s a comfort thing for me I guess… We’re at a whopping total of 13 mice/rats now)

In an attempt to maintain some structure and veer back onto the track of normalcy, I’ll be back to writing up a new blog post weekday mornings. Thanks to everyone who hasn’t stopped following me in my absence; without even knowing you’ve contributed to keeping some regularity in a part of my life.

One more thing, don’t forget to enter to win the latest contest! You only have until midnight to follow my new blog, 365 days in pictures, or link to my blog on yours in order to win the Stick It set!

Comments off on this one. I don’t want pity comments, or worse, no comments!

Do remember to comment on the contest post with your method of entry though, and a winner will be announced tomorrow!

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