Thursday, January 27, 2011

Carousel Horses

A few pictures of the carousel horse I’ve been working on in my “spare time” (used loosely, that should read, “when I ought to be working on school/mopping/cleaning cages and or cat boxes/making supper”).

What a steal, I got it for $35!

The paint cost me another $30 (I’m using house paints! I love how Home Depot now sells sample sizes!)

Worth every penny so far, I’m having a blast restoring it!

I’m also loving Randy Montana’s new song, 1,000 Faces, and you can download it free on iTunes this week (and you totally should!)

That is all.

Back to cleaning out the “mouse house” and mopping the floor….


  1. Wow! I can't wait to see how it turns out! Hope you're still enjoying that great music from iTunes, too!

  2. Love it! Where did you find that gem?

  3. Wow!! What an amazing project!! Can't wait to see the end result!!

    Hey by the way I received your gift!! How fun Thank you, Thank you!!!

  4. Hope you get to feelin' better... but just wanted to let you know I'm passing along an award to you! You can check it out on my blog. <3 you!


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