Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ooops, I Did It Again

First off, SAIMI! Email me at jme_lee85 at yahoo dot com for your prize!

I feel off the face of the earth once more. I know, I said it wouldn’t happen again, but hey, it did.

I’ve been too busy making lists: What do we need to do before he leaves? (Buy a new computer, new camera, stock up on toiletries, replace his broken rosary….)

Lists for what needs to be done today, which are always too long (pull yourself together, do laundry, dishes, shovel the driveway –again-, work on classes, speed-read every deployment book on the shelf… blog….)

Sadly, blogging has fallen closer to the bottom of the to-do list than I thought it would. Sigh. Following blogs has nearly completely fallen off, but I promise, I miss y’all and plan on some serious catching up!

So forgive me for not having material to post recently. First deployment syndrome is setting in and the reality that this time next month, I’ll be seeing LT Fromage off for the long 12 months ahead, counting down the hours until his 2 week leave when he can come home from Afghanistan.

So readers, I promise things will pick back up, just as soon as I get the dogs bathed, the trash taken out, floor mopped and finish that chapter of “I’m Already Home Again”.


  1. No worries from this part of the blogosphere. You need that time with LT Fromage. The blogging can wait. Hang in there!

  2. Your blogobuddies will be here when LT Fromage isn't so enjoy him every minute, second, nanosecond--you know what I mean...


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