Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bought my first baby bib

Ha! Not what you thought, no babies yet. Read on!


Shamelessly plugging my new blog, 365 days in pictures. Check it out! Shameless plug over.

How cool are thrift stores? Goodwill, ARC, DAV… Just yesterday I got the 2 cutest tops and a darling dress, oh yeah, and a cow mug (how can I pass something with a cow up? I even bought a… cow… bib! Yup. Planning ahead for our little cow-loving baby).

My best thrift store purchase? A huge, antique trunk for thirty bucks a few years back. I almost had to fight a lady for it, but it went home with me!

Anyone else have any good finds to share?


  1. As a mom of four, I think it's safe to say that I have never, once, ever seen a bib that frackin' cute.

  2. I LOVE sweet deals. Hmmm... good finds, eh... well, we got a sweet new microwave at target on clearance for $13! original price was $44. Cha ching!


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