Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Those Rednecks with the Rats...

On Sunday I got to shoot my Ruger for the first time, I loved it! Afterwards, LT Fromage and I finally patronized Starbucks for toffee and pumpkin lattes (our first this year!) before embarking on the Ghost Tour on Fort Riley. Other highlights include Mexican food and margaritas, a doggie play date at the park and a yummy Sunday brunch. I hope everyone had a great weekend as well!

Our rat population doubled this week. Until recently, we had 2 little girls, Holly and Lili Marlene. There was a period of time where we couldn’t bring home a healthy rat, we lost 3 this year, so when Holly was feeling under the weather last week, we were prepping ourselves for introducing yet another new rat. Thankfully, she got better quickly but it got me to thinking that perhaps rather than keep 2 rats, we should have 3, so that in the sad event we have another death, no one would be left all alone (Rats like to stay in colonies, they get mighty lonely without a buddy!). After getting to OK from LT Fromage, I picked up a darling little girl on my way home from work last week and we named her Jenny Wren. Not 48 hours later my boss was attempting to rid herself of her little girl (who happens to be Jenny Wren’s sister). To avoid her fate of dropped off at a pet store for snake food or let out side to brave the elements, LT Fromage and I met my boss in the Burger King parking lot and we took, who we are now calling Keltie, home with us. All 4 ladies are happy, healthy and getting along wonderfully.

Yup. We’re that crazy red neck, gun shooting couple with all the rats. You just wish you were this cool... ;-)

On a slightly less happy note, LT Fromage is no longer commanding his troop. A Captain finally arrived and took his (rightful) place; unfortunately, it meant LT Fromage was booted out and into a desk job. The Change of Command ceremony was yesterday so things were a little somber around here. Every day that passes also leaves us a little less confident that the opportunity for a big change will come through. Please keep fingers crossed, however, since we haven’t given up hope yet!

I feel like I should apologize for the lack of posts lately (But then I think, “Hey, this is my blog, I can do whatever I want, I don’t have to say sorry!” But I’ll say it anyway…). Things, as always, are pretty busy at work and home, not to mention I’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of time at the doctor lately. Not to mention all the time it takes now to care for all those rodents…


  1. So here I was thinking you were shooting rats! Silly me!!

  2. My husband would be uber impressed that you shoot! :) And the rats? I totally do not see why people freak out about those? I mean, I scream at snakes. Itty Bitty snakes. But not rats!

    Congrats on your expanded colony!


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