Monday, October 18, 2010

108 cans of green beans

Why is my truck bed full of canned veggies? Preparing for some kind of Y2K? Stocking a bomb shelter? Making enough green bean salad to feed LT Fromage’s whole troop? (Everyone at the grocery store thought we must just love green beans!)

Nope. They’re for the dog.

Our black lab, Buford, is a chunky guy. He came to us that way, and while we’ve helped him drop some of those pounds (He was 97 when we got him last year, he’s down to, last we checked, high 80s) he’s still got something like 15-20 to go. Yikes, that’s a lot for a dog!
(oh, my, Buford! Your head looks so tiny on your giant body!)

My in-laws have a chubby dog too, and last weekend they told LT Fromage what they’re doing to help their pooch shed some pounds. I didn’t believe it at first, but it’s legit. Green beans.
Apparently, you can substitute up to ½ (but we’re only replacing 1/3) of your dog’s food with canned green beans to help with weight loss. The veggies fill their belly up, so no one is hungry, but don’t add calories to the meal. Who knew?

Buford hasn’t been to the vet for an official weigh-in yet, but he looks a little better already.
The weirdest part? He loves green beans. Apparently, most dogs do. He licks his dish clean after every meal, after wolfing it down before the German shepherd, Erika, gets to it. Even the cats try to sneak a bite from his food!

Yup. That was the highlight of my weekend, green beans on sale - half price! LT Fromage was in the field, I was home reading the entire “Surviving Deployment” book I picked up while trying to imagine what a year of weekends alone would be like (keep your fingers crossed – still waiting for word about this big change…!). Oh, yeah, also totally awesome this weekend was the marathon of Sister Wives on TLC. Uhm, yeah, love it!


  1. Humm, maybe I should try the green bean diet!

  2. I'm right there with Saimi. I was just going to say, "Hey - I love green beans, and eat them often. What's my problem? Maybe it's the mushroom soup that I mix with them, or the french's fried onions on top, that kind of throws off the whole thing!" Well, good luck with the puppy diet plan.


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