Friday, October 29, 2010

I Used to Dance on the Street Corner...

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit LT Fromage and I may be going out this weekend. Part of me cries “Seriously! We are so too old for this…” but then the other part of me, the decision making part, says “Then what the hell did we buy those pirate costumes for?” We will not be tromping around door-to-door with pillow cases, however. We will be celebrating in the more adult fashion, like, at the bar. And then, on Sunday night we’ll be really adult and hand out candy to the neighbors’ kids. Last year we spend something like $796 dollars on candy (slight exaggeration) and had something like half a dozen costumed kids show up. We ate most of it, but our orange pumpkin bowl is still full of treats, the picked over ones, of course; I think there’s only Twizzlers and Pixy Stix left. I actually quite enjoy the latter, but they are likely not very good 12 months after the purchase date…

This year, I picked up a bag of peanut M&Ms (funny story about those….*), Reeses and Kit Kats. Also some hokey chocolate balls with eye ball wrappers and chocolate coins with pumpkin wrappers. Basically, things that, if not sought after by 9-year-olds, will be enjoyed by LT Fromage and myself. Mostly myself. Especially the Reeses. Which I may or may not have been snacking on….

*When I was a very little Fromage, my grandma gave me my first peanut M&Ms, until that time I’d only ever seen the standard ones. My family thought I must not like the peanuts, since I was sucking all of the chocolate off and leaving the filler in a pile. When questioned, I explained, “I’m saving the seeds so I can plant an M&M tree!” Smart kid, that little Lady Fromage….

To prepare myself for donning a costume this Saturday night, I’ve volunteered to spend this evening dressed as a white rabbit at my company’s Fun House. The theme, I’m told, is Alice in Wonderland. However, the box depicts the rabbit suit in a pastel vest and a few décor items that have passed by so far have been in the same Easter colors. Either someone has their holidays mixed up or we’re going extremely low budget and reusing supplies from this spring. Regardless, I’ll be hiding under a giant furry bunny costume, which thank God, hides my face.

This will not be my first appearance in an animal costume. I have experience as a brown bear, advertizing for Bank of the West. Sometimes I danced on the street corner with a “Free Checking” sign. Less often, but much preferred to dancing on the corner (The ONLY experience I have doing anything from a street corner…), I attended events where the majority of children were terrified instead of entertained. I imagine a 5’6” rodent in a vest will be less threatening than the bear, but I won’t know for a few hours yet. I’ll let you know on Monday


  1. We're going to be lame this year. I didn't get costumes for us and I'm not expecting a good turn out with the trick or treaters. We live in an out of the way spot and with Halloween being on a Sunday I'm thinking between the school carnivals and church parties on Friday and Saturday there won't be many out on Halloween.

    I'll be prepared just in case!

  2. Go for it! Get bangs!

    I love that Donnie Darko picture with the caption. I'm going to have to send that to some of my friends that love Donnie as well.

    Have I seen you comment on Foxy Pink Cheetah?

  3. Thanks for the visit - may I call you cheese lady? I see you're a veggo and plan to own a cow one day. I'm sure cow will be able to moo easy knowing she won't end up on the dinner plate.

  4. Saimi- So true! We may end up eating most of the candy we bought. Let me correct myself, *I* may be eating most of the candy we bought ;)

    Kari- Yes, I totally hang out on FPC!

    And, Nick, yes, you may call me the cheese lady. The future cow may have to worry about LT Fromage, who is a big steak fan, but he has promised not to eat any of our current pets or pets to come :)

  5. We're going all out this year with BIG candy bars. I sincerely hope kids show up, or else I'm going to gain about 68 pounds in the next few weeks. Sigh.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I love your M & M story of your youth. Very cute!

  7. Thanks for visiting my way too. That M&M seed story is great--a true classic in your family, I'm sure. Have a fun night!

  8. You're a better woman than me. I'm kind of a lame Halloween-er. At least, my costumes are.

    And I just died laughing when I read your profile. My parents moved from Florida to Montana a year ago and my dad finally fulfilled a life-long dream. He now has two "pet" calves named T-Bone and Sir Loin. He thinks they're so "cute!"

    Also, your name has me craving some camembert something fierce!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Although, as for your comment, if you have dogs, then chances are, you're ready for kids! :D


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