Monday, October 4, 2010

Beer Cheese Soup

As requested....

Beer Cheese Soup
(Makes about 4 servings)


½ white onion, diced
½ stick butter
2 cloves minced garlic
1 can vegetable (or chicken) broth
1 can cream of celery
1 bottle of beer (ale or stout - I used 90 Shilling)
½ large package of Velveeta (about 10 oz)
16 oz of shredded cheddar cheese
2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon liquid smoke
1 teaspoon paprika
Fresh ground pepper, to taste

Sautee the diced onions in butter, add the garlic, broth, cream of celery and beer. Cut the Velveeta into chunks and add along with cheddar cheese. Stir until melted then add Worcestershire, liquid smoke, paprika and pepper (all spices are as needed – taste along the way).



    Thanks for sharing this recipe! I'm printing it out and the ingredients are going on this weeks shopping list. YUMMO!

  2. Humm Beer cheese soup? Now that's something I've never heard before! The soup weather is definitely around the corner, our temp is starting to drop!

  3. Oooh this looks yum! It's totally soup weather!

  4. Hi Lady Fromage,
    Your soup sounds so delicious! I'm going to add this to my must try list. Thanks again for joining our YBR event, it was nice to have you onboard. Also thanks for adding the button:) Happy Halloween!

  5. + cheese + soup = HAPPY!!!! Sounds absolutely divine :)

  6. Lady Fromage, I consider it an honor to be amongst the likes of you in the YBR at spicie foodie...I cannot wait to try your beer cheese soup..actually i am thinking of taking it to the New Years Party tomorrow night where I know it will recieve rave reviews...

  7. Hi, Happy New Year! Glad you submitted this as your favorite 2010 recipe for the YBR. Sounds so delicious! Best wishes for the new year.

  8. I saw this on the "best of 2010" and have bookmarked it. Looks delicious! :)


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