Thursday, October 14, 2010

No Curry in the Camel Bag

Without sharing too much information yet, LT Fromage and I may be in for some more big changes (yes...again). We’ll know something in the next few weeks, so in the mean time, keep your fingers crossed for us, we’re hoping some things work out!

LT Fromage is taking me to look at guns tonight after work. He’s gone already to scope it out and help me with some options. There’s one pink one that made the list, but after some discussion, I came to decide that the thumb safety (which the pink gun was lacking) was more important. LT Fromage didn’t like my idea of using pink nail polish to girly it up… He also said I couldn’t use his extra Camel Bag water thing to fill with green curry so I could drink it whenever I wanted… Come to think of it, he said that trading the truck for a tank wasn’t practical either. Hm. Either he’s a party pooper or he keeps my feet on the ground. Probably the latter :)


  1. Guns and tanks, whoa makes me wonder what you two are up to! HA!

    Staying tuned

  2. Ha, nothing that fun! I just love tanks (could be one of the weighing factors in my decesion to mary LT Fromage... jk). I checked out that gun, by the way! My hands are a little too big for it, but boy was it cute!


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