Monday, October 4, 2010

Live and Let Live

The weekend seemed to get away from us; how is it already Monday again?

The news of Tyler Clementi’s suicide this morning was really saddening. (If you haven’t read about it, he jumped to his death after video of a sexual encounter involving him and another man was said to be circulating). I can imagine the humiliation that would come from finding that your intimate acts were being made public, that would be horrifying enough; but the fact that his choice of partners isn’t yet widely socially accepted, was, I’m sure, too much to handle. What a terrible situation, and a devastating way to handle it.

Although not my personal preference and perhaps not the stance held by my religious or political choices, I don’t have a problem with homosexuality. I believe that man and woman are natural partners, but I also believe that love can happen between any two people, and if it’s not harming anyone else then I don’t see why they should be punished. Maybe it’s not natural, but neither is my hair color. Or Aspartame sweetener (to which I have an addiction!). Birth control isn’t natural, but I make the choices when it comes to when we want to start a family. Why can’t people make choices about who they want to share their lives with? Is it so bad to let a man list his partner as a dependant for health care plans?

It’s such a shame that the preferences of society’s majority weigh so heavily on anyone who doesn’t fit the norm.

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