Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Microwave Popcorn

I’ve been reading all sorts of tasty things to top popcorn with (Curry powder, hot sauce, cyan pepper, garlic salt, black pepper, cinnamon..!) and the 100 calorie bags are a perfect snack, with lots of fiber, too! What delicious ideas!

Thursday night I had a craving: I HAD to have popcorn. Hubby paused the A-Team episode we were watching on Netflix and I hit the kitchen for my fix.

I love popcorn now, but apparently I wasn’t crazy about it before because we did in fact have a box, but it expired in…


Even worse than actually having that in our pantry was the fact that I was still going to eat it (Embarrassing, but I wanted some of that tasty goodness in my tummy so bad!). Thank you, hubby, for taking me to Wal-Mart for a fresh box and being my voice of reason, making me throw away the long-expired snack.

When that popcorn expired…

Hubby and I weren’t even dating! He was pursuing me, he claims I was “blowing him off” (I’d call it playing hard to get… Whatever it was, it worked!), we were texting and myspace messaging. We’d been on 1 date.

The Colorado Rockies were an underdog team, squeezing out the wins they needed to make it all the way to the World Series. Even though the Red Sox swept, what a great run it was! I take credit for their amazing performance, since I only missed 18 of 81 regular-season home games that year (Yes, 81. The tie-breaker game that ran 13 innings, my boys finally took the win when Holiday slid into home plate, 9-8!). I was in attendance for all of the post-season play.

Hubby was still a West Point Cadet, starting his Firstie (senior) year. He still wore glasses and had his wisdom teeth.

Our (Then, my) dog, Satchel, still had good knees (We had to put him to sleep 11 months ago, after his 4th ACL tear).

I still had good knees, too.

I was living in the Sherman house. That means since September 2007, I’ve moved 3 times!

How did I possibly pack and move not once, not twice, but THREE times a box of expired popcorn?

Yesterday I checked the expiration date on every item in my cabinets, just to make sure there wasn’t a bag of Oreos from my childhood hiding in the back. No frightening discoveries, I’m happy to say everything was fresh.

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