Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bag Lady

Late last week I came to the realization that I look like a bag lady.

I think I get this from my mom, who carries a messenger bag everywhere, in addition to her large purse. We’ve joked that she needs a rolling luggage, and I’m sure if she had one, she’d fill that, too. Like my mom, I need to be prepared. Raining? I’ve got an umbrella right here! A paper cut? Triple antibiotic and a band-aid coming right up! Chipped nail polish? What color do you need, I have 3 bottles! Of course, when I need something, finding it in the black-hole that is my purse can be tricky…

In addition to my “emergency” items, I also have to carry the essentials: cell phone, wallet, keys, etc. and the not-so-essentials like lip gloss, a comb and gum. With the little space I have left, I like to throw in a book of Soduku puzzles for when I have a few extra minutes, and I carry whatever book I’m reading at the time, too, in case I have more than a few minutes (Carrying around a big, thick hardcover quickly becomes something of a work out!).

As if I don’t carry enough in my purse, I’ve recently found myself carrying not one, but TWO plastic grocery bags full of goodies into work with me each morning. Since there’s obviously no room left in my purse, I have to pack my lunch in its own bag. This is understandable and is in fact, common among my coworkers. One plastic bag, used for carrying a meal, is acceptable. But then I have the second bag.

Since starting my medical transcriptionist classes I’ve learned that the best time to study is on my lunch break, it’s become an uninterrupted hour in which to take quizzes and practice vocabulary words. I’m flying through my lessons and feeling pretty accomplished. But, in order to tackle my studies at work, I have to have my supplies. Books, flash cards, CDs… And it all ended up in a white plastic sack.

Each morning I reach my desk looking as though I’ve come from the grocery store… Or I’m carrying around all of my belongings. Probably the latter.

Lucky for me, I ended up with a FREE, cute, blue, handmade bag. (Because, even though I know I look like a bag lady, I wouldn't have purchased a cool messenger bag... It would go on my to-do list with 100 other things that don't ever get done!)

I stopped in a funky little store on my way home from work on Thursday, one of my NSAW )(Non-sucky Army Wife) friends recommended it to me recently, where I bought this darling cream and sugar set addition to my cow-themed-kitchen.

How perfect was it that this charming store wrapped them up safely for the drive home in old dress patterns, and sent me out carrying them in a handmade, cloth bag!

I’ll defiantly be going back to T-La-Rae in the future (and if I bring my bag back, to use again, they offer 10% off!), and I transferred my school supplies to my new bag as soon as I got home. I may still be a bag lady, but at least I’m not advertizing for Wal-Mart everywhere I go.

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