Monday, July 26, 2010

Appliance Appreciation Day

I love appliances. The Christmas that LT Fromage proposed, I’d asked for a blender, but he gave me ring, which was way better anyway. (But momma got me the blender, thanks, mom!)

My cabinets are full of gadgets. A Forman grill for Panini’s, a blender for smoothies and apple butter, an electric knife (Which vegetarians don’t seem to have much use for), hand mixers for cakes and mashed potatoes, a bread machine for yummy homemade sourdough (I even had 2 for a while there), rice cookers, a crock pot (best thing EVER, if you don’t own one, go out NOW and find one!), waffle maker, omelet maker, pasta maker, fondue pot… if it goes in the kitchen, I probably have it. If I don’t have it yet, you can be sure I’m coveting it.

I love cooking, even when it’s with a wooden spoon and my big Pyrex bowl, but all these extras make it even more fun! (Especially the pasta machine because, a word of advice, rolling that dough out with a hand roller is hard work.) The thing is, if buying things to make something I already like easier makes me happy, how awesome would it feel to buy helpy-things for the stuff I don’t like?

I blogged about my new vacuum a while back and meant to update when it arrived but, better late than never…


I love it more than cheese. I love it more than diet soda. I love it more than… Well, you get the point. If you have pets, or even if you don’t, this thing will rock your world. I can’t get over how clean it gets our carpets! (I should totally be a spokesperson for Bissell) The night I assembled it I stayed up long past midnight cleaning (Big deal, for someone who's usually asleep by 9!). Even after the vacuuming was done, it was as if the machine had a cleaning-power over me and when it took hold I couldn’t stop myself from rearranging closets, cleaning underneath beds, tackling the desk drawers… And to think I used to hate vacuuming!

The Bissell came just in time. Ever since the fleas moved in, vacuuming has been a daily chore. And I’m not talking “let’s just get the clumps of dog hair up real quick,” kind of vacuuming. This is serious stuff, “Mother-In-Law is visiting” vacuuming, “Land Lord Inspection” vacuuming, the kind of vacuuming that involves every attachment behind every piece of furniture. Every day. In the 2 short weeks I’ve owned this fine machine, I’ve got my money’s worth!

Since the Bissell revolutionized the way I felt about cleaning our carpeted surfaces, I got to thinking about my linoleum.

I hate mopping more than I hate(d!) vacuuming. The Hoover Floor Mate became my new obsession, reviews and price comparisons took over my bookmarks. And then I saw it (queue the music). On sale at Target, $10 cheaper than I’d ever found it before… A few hours later I sang while I cleaned the kitchen floors, and they’re the cleanest they’ve ever been (Although, I will say, it left them a little streaky, but knowing that the dirty water isn’t going back on the floor was so nice!)

Next on my wish list is The Shark Portable Steam Pocket. Because, yes, buying things to make un-fun chores easier is pretty much the best idea ever.


  1. Why thank you, Alycia! :) Checking out your etsy shop now, very nice!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    -Lady Fromage

  2. I actually joined myfitnesspal on Sunday. I'm in love!

  3. Oooh, just checked myfitnesspal out, very nice! Similar content, but a much prettier layout than caloriecount :)

    Dee-lish diet snack: Microwave popcorn (100 calorie bags!), spray with a little cooking spray and sprinkle pepper, garlic powder, red pepper... So many choices, and oh-so-tasty!

    -Lady Fromage


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