Monday, July 19, 2010

A Little More Serious

Whether you support this war or oppose it, please keep the Goeke family in your thoughts or prayers.

Regardless of your feelings about where they are or why they are there, these men and women leave behind their children, their families, their friends, their husbands and wives to protect us. Parents watch their sons and daughters go off to war, they go so what we don’t have to. All of them give some, and some of them give all.

1st LT Christoper Goeke was a classmate of hubby’s. If I ever met him, if was probably in a rush of short-haired, uniformed men at a graduation ceremony or 100th night celebration. He wasn’t a particularly close friend of hubby’s, but I immediately knew the name from conversation and stories.

Yesterday was the very first time that I saw an announcement and knew who it was. I found his picture in the Howitzer that sits on our bookshelf, I knew when he’d graduated, commissioned and been promoted. He had a wife (of 18 short months), his life and career were in line with hubby’s, which made it so much more real. I can easily imagine the excitement that his wife felt as she waited for his return next month. I can’t even begin to understand how she feels now.

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself on Saturday night, after a long day at work, I’d come home to flea bath 2 dogs and 2 cats by myself (Which went surprisingly well, by the way). I flea combed, vacuumed every carpeted or upholstered surface and mopped everything else. If it fit in the washer, in the washer it went. Our lab reacted badly to something (The fleas? The treatment?) and has been crying and bleeding. I’m still sick, I was tired and I wished so badly hubby was around to help, or at least hold me at the end of the night. I cried myself to sleep, wishing that the Army valued marriage more and didn’t keep him away so often or would at least let him call… Then I learned that Kelsey’s husband isn’t ever coming home.

I miss hubby more than ever now, but at least I’ll get to hold him again.

Thank you, 1st Lt Goeke for your service and sacrifice. To your family, you are in my prayers, thank you for your sacrifice.

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