Wednesday, July 21, 2010

LT Fromage

Hubby will henceforth be referred to as LT Fromage.

Our formal mail comes to “LT and Mrs. Freakin’ Awesome Last Name”. Now, I’m totally proud to be Mrs. Freakin’ Awesome Last Name because it means I’m married to hubby, but when did I just become “Mrs.”?

Come to think of it, “Mrs” isn’t so bad, some of our other mail comes to Jumie, and that’s not I usually spell my name… since that’s not actually my name…

So, if I have to be “Mrs” on our mail, from now on hubby has to be LT Fromage on my blog. Hey, at least he gets to keep his rank! I could demote him to just “Mr”. I could also call him Mr. Weatherford, because that’s what our honeymoon suite was booked under, even though that’s not our Freakin’ Awesome Last Name.

Jumie Weatherford… Nah.

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