Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What's Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?

I’d like to share a little excerpt from The Rebel Housewife Rules (the book that you could win!), something I found especially noteworthy, since this was, as a matter of fact, a discussion (er, argument) that LT Fromage and I had early in our marriage…

From the chapter, “Happily Ever After”

The Myth: Combining two separate lives will be a snap

My new husband will be so thoughtful, so in love with me. He
won’t care when I borrow his things, like his razor. I’m always out of blades,
and I love the foaming bubbles his shaving cream makes – oh those gloriously
smooth legs! Sleeping in his dress shirt feels so good; it will keep me close to
him when he’s out of town. Somehow I never have any socks, but not to worry,
I’ll just wear his.

The Reality: His and mine don’t always make ours

After I used his shaving kit, he emerged from the bathroom looking like
a doctor had just removed shrapnel from his face. I felt bad, but I pretended
not to notice.

“Where’s my new dress shirt? I need it for an interview

“Ummm…. Is this the one?” I tried to look especially sexy as I pointed
to what I was wearing to bed.

“Vik, come on! I have no socks, no razors, no shaving cream…. I have to
be manly on a fluffy, pink, flowered couch and now I have nothing to wear to

I still do use LT Fromage’s razor (with permission. He got a new one), but I did stop borrowing his socks.


  1. This is tough... It's hard to pick out only one holiday tradition. hmmm...

    I would have to say on Christmas Eve, after my family and I have headed home from my Grandma's, we get to open one gift. Every year my sister and I know which gift it's going to be... pajamas. (I have a feeling the reason we get new pajamas every year is so that on Christmas morning we look half-way presentable in any pictures.) Either way we also look forward to coming home and opening a present early.

    Thanks for the giveaway!! I can't wait till Friday now.

    -Meredith @ meredith and maggie

  2. Hmmm favorite tradition is putting up the tree with the kids and reminiscing about the memories that go with the ornaments.

    And I too have borrowed hubby's razor and he actually doesn't mind if I borrow his socks. I didn't have enough of vacation and he actually was the one to suggest I could wear some of his.

  3. I'm such a sucker for givaways. And cheese. I think I may love cheese almost as much as you do. For that I am following your blog.

    I'm going to keep my favorite tradition simple. I'm a bit of a scrooge when it comes to the holidays, which you will probably notice in posts as it gets closer to christmas.

    I do, however, love drinking home-made iced coffee and watching The Christmas Story on Christmas Eve (you're going to shoot your eye out!). Now that I am older, I also enjoy a bit of Kahlua with said iced coffee.

    visions unto myself

  4. Favorite holiday tradition: game nights with friends! With lots and lots of food.

  5. I LOVE Midnight Mass. I love when the lights go off, you smell the incense.. then the organ begins - the lights come up and "Hark the Herald" begins with the choir.. pretty powerful stuff and brings me back to what I am there for!

  6. So, I started following your blog because MY dream is to have a goat named Stanley!!!!! Oh, and I commented on your earlier giveaway post, so, yah, don't forget about me! (and glug... yum!)

  7. We have a huge Christmas Eve Eve party every year and invite all of our friends. We have lots of good food and plenty of adult beverages and get to catch up with old friends. We look forward to it every year.

  8. We have a few holiday traditions that center mostly around Christmas and Christmas Eve, but the one that I look forward to because it starts off the holiday for me is our town's Christmas parade.

    We live in a small rural community and still have the classic Christmas parade complete with Boy Scouts on floats, marching bands and fire trucks. It's kinda corny but it's that kind of thing that makes me happy about where I live.

    After the parade, everyone we know is invited back to our house for hot cocoa and Christmas cookies. It's a simple evening but it always seems so special.

  9. I'm not commenting b/c of the giveaway; it's long passed. But I want to comment anyway. That book sounds awesome. I may have to get it for myself.

    We don't have many traditions for holidays. Every year seems a little different. The only constant I can think of is I always make my grandma's cornbread stuffing. In fact, when I was a kid, I asked my parents why we had to always have turkey for Thanksgiving. I asked where that rule was written. My dad said, "OK, what would you like to have?" And so we always had something different every year. Except the stuffing. I love my grandma's stuffing recipe.

    This past Christmas (2010) was the first Christmas morning hubby and I were ever alone. Ever. And it was bliss all day long. We probably can't get away with that every year, but every few years, that's what I want.


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