Tuesday, December 14, 2010

There are Always Consequences

(Photo credits not mine. D@MN I forgot to bring my camera. You get the idea…)

Last night we had to make a quick wal-mart run. Yeah. We shop at wal-mart. Don’t bother trying to tell me why it’s wrong, and I already know it’s kind of white trash, but I’m all about saving a few bucks. So sue me. No, really, don’t. Please. I haven’t saved enough bucks to make it worth your time, I promise!


LT Fromage and I were both in sort of silly moods. This is actually normal for us, so I’m not sure why I feel the need to mention it. The crazies were probably intensified just a little by the beer he had at supper, and the glass (er, 3) of wine I had before we left.

*easily distracted this morning. bear with me*

LT Fromage insisted on pushing the cart. Usually I like to push, but he got it first (wrestled it away from me). Near the end of our list, we passed by the electronics department where LT Fromage began grazing the displays with our cart. Why? “Because I can’t do it in the car! Here there are no consequences!”

He hadn’t even finished his statement when he totally plowed over a printer and ink display!

Which I’m saddened to see doesn’t seem as funny in type as it did when it happened. But trust me, it was uh-mazing!

We laughed like kids while we scrambled to reassemble the stuff we knocked down before this overweight, waaaaay to serious wal-mart employee comes running (well, as fast as he could run. More like a brisk walk) “Is everyone ok?!” LT Fromage assured him we were fine, I was too busy laughing like a hyena to answer. “Are you sure? Do we need to file a report?”

Do tell, what would that report say?

“We were sideswiped by a gray cart, we didn’t get a plate number but it appeared
to be a male driving. They pushed us into this display and then fled the scene.
No medical assistance was necessary at the time. No property damage was
sustained (we put it all back… wrong, I’m sure, but we tried) and the cart seems
to be running fine, despite the accident”

I guess you had to be there.

Ah, I love being married.


  1. Mrs. Fromage. I think you and I are destined to be BFF's. Because, Mr. BFG and I are exactly the same way. Except for the whole gaggle of kids that insist on following us everywhere. I mean, who are these kids anyway?

    By the way, (and I can say this with authority because I live in the south and Wal*Mart is like our Mecca or something) Wal*Mart is literally no cheaper than anywhere else these days. We've tested it. Now, again, it may just be because we live in the south where everything is cheap for we poor folks, but I swear I shop at Target instead because A) it's the same and B) I don't like crazy people unless they give me free wine.

  2. No kidding? wal-mart is way cheaper than the other grocery stores out here, and our Target doesn't even HAVE groceries! *sigh* But wal-mart *is* the place for crazies, fo' sho'!

  3. If Walmart is considered white trash then I'm white trash! I have no problem shopping where I can save money. I don't buy their fruit in the grocery department because it's never very good but the rest of the store is OK by me!

    The store employee was probably relieved to find out you're not going to sue the store for placing the printer in your husbands way....HA!

  4. LMAO! What a great story, I can just see it happening. ;)

    I shop at Wal-Mart, too. I know, it's "bad" in many ways but when you're short on cash and on time, you can't beat it!


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