Monday, May 17, 2010

No Keys, No More Superhero Status

I’ve got quite the story to share with you tomorrow, so be sure to come back and read about my Tea Party! I promise it’s a doozie….!

In the mean time:

Friday I locked myself out of our house. Twice.

The first time, I climbed the 6 foot privacy fence, got trampled by 2 muddy dogs, found the spare key and entered the back door. Then I locked my house key inside again, this time I also locked the spare, just to make things interesting. So I had to hop the fence again (As if doing it once wasn’t impressive enough…), got muddied up by the dogs again, and since the spare key was locked safely inside, I then had to climb up and over patio furniture and maneuver myself through a tiny window about the kitchen sink. In the process of breaking in (again), I accidently dropped my favorite tiny cow down the sink where he met his final hour in the garbage disposal (RIP, Tiny Sir Lion)

In other news, I found out I am not in fact, a superhero. On Sunday morning a nurse was able to collect a sample of my blood. While I’m saddened to learn that my superhero status is no more, I’m more than a little glad to finally be done with all of this – I was getting pretty sick and tired of all the fasting and vein pricking.

Hubby sent me this sweet text this morning:

“Good morning baby, i hope you got some sleep! I love and miss you so much! And just so you know, even though they got ur blood, you’re still my super hero!”

Aw. Thanks, hubby!

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