Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lady Fromage is a Bee-Ach

A little ashamed to admit this:

Know what I did yesterday morning? I emailed a girl who posted an online classified ad attempting to give away her “great” full grown cat because she wanted a puppy instead. I wrote her a friendly email and suggested she keep the cat since she’d made a commitment, reminded her that pets aren’t disposable, and you can’t just get a newer cuter one when they grow up, yada yada and all that crap. (The sarcasm is flowing, folks, it wasn’t a friendly email.) Sorry for my email, lady. It’s ok, you should totally dump your cat, it’s no big deal. Sure he’ll end up dead in a shelter, but you can finally get that stupid toy-breed puppy. I should have minded my own business.

Yup, I’m totally being a bee-ach. This is inexcusable but could be attributed to a few things, some of which are:

I’m still a little cranky after the facebook stalking incident (See yesterday's post).

Since hubby’s gone (again), in addition to my normal battle to keep the house from looking like an episode of “Life after People”, I also get to do all of his chores, like mowing the lawn and taking out the trash.

Our backyard is full of craters because Erika is still digging. Only 2 of 6 rose bushes are surviving as of this morning. As if that wasn’t bad enough, our new cat, Toby, has taken to digging in my houseplants. Anyone want a slightly used German shepherd or tabby cat? I’ll give you a great 2-for-1 deal.

As of now, we still have not won the lotto. This means we are usually on the verge of being broke. This also means I can’t hire a fancy French maid to help me dust and clean up dirt from the houseplants.

I have finally come to accept that somewhere along the way I put on an extra 25 pounds. This sucks. I’m totally going on Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig… Any suggestions or success stories? C’mon, peeps, help me out here. I really want to be super-hot-wifey so hubby will loooovvveeee me!

Yes, I’m totally B*ITCHING.

But today, this made me laugh. I found this blog, and I’ll direct you to this post in particular.

Check it out, then get back over here and offer me friendly/helpful/supportive advice to drop a few pounds!

(No, I don’t normally email people and fuss at them for giving away pets. And I was totally kidding about the 2-for-1 deal on mine, no hate mail please)


  1. You GO girl! I'm a Bee-ach, too!!!! ;) I completely believe that sometimes people need a little reminder of their ignorance, and I think your email may have really HELPED! (I choose to see the good always, you know?) Although - I had a similar incident the other day with someone. And my note was actually written on paper (not via email). I'm proud to say that the 10 foot tall weeds on the neighbors lawn are now GONE! See, sometimes everyone needs a little reminder! ;) Even from a Bee-Ach!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm a follower of yours now! So - I'll be back!

  2. Thanks for being my first follower :-)! Way to go with the weeds! You're braver than I am, I blocked my email when I griped at the cat lady!


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