Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lots of Math and Numbers.... Here comes skinny Lady Fromage!

I was hesitant to say anything because I didn’t want to look like a failure if I didn’t make my goal, but since I did (plus some!) I’ll share now:

I lost 11.5 pounds! I dropped a pant size!

My goal was to drop 10 before hubby came home (This morning!). This was a rather lofty goal, because realistically, one should only loose 1-2 pounds per week. I only had 3 weeks, so I should have been aiming for something like 6 pounds at most. But I made it! Perhaps not the best way, but desperate times call for desperate measures. (I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been, and frankly, I feel terrible about it)

In the last 14 days, I’ve only eaten more than 1,000 calories twice. And even then, I stayed under the 1,200 mark. Most days I finish somewhere between 800-950, and I’m drinking water like a camel! I’m also taking a supplement called Hydroxycut (oooh, I know that’s so bad, but it’s working miracles for me).

My long term plan? 33.5 more pounds to go (To put me at the lowest possible suggested weight for my body type and height) for a total loss of 45 pounds.

Now that hubby’s home again for the month of June I’m only expecting to lose only 1.5 pounds per week. Just being realistic, I’m fully aware that I cannot spend the rest of my life eating like this, but as long as I stay under 1,800 calories I’ll maintain my current weight. It takes 3,500 calories to lose a pound, which means I can still enjoy 1,300 or so every day while he’s home, and with a little exercise, still see a pound and a half drop every week. I also expect to be more…. active.... while he’s around ;-) Reasonable goal: 1.5 pounds per week for the month of June. This means I by the time he leaves again, I’ll be 6.5 pounds lighter than I am now (I hope to knock off that extra .5 while I’m at it), leaving me with merely 27 pounds to go!

I figure I can get aggressive about my diet again in July while hubby’s away at NTC (National Training Center in CA, preparing for the upcoming deployment). My goal for July is 4 pounds per week, which is still more than I should expect, but doable (It's what I'm doing now). If I can pull it off, when he finishes up in August, and we fly to Vegas, I’ll have lost a total of 32 pounds, with only 11 left to go!

I know the last 10 pounds (or 11, in my case) always seems like the hardest to shed, but once I’ve made it that far, I hope I’ll have the determination to finish! My 1-year anniversary will be about 7 weeks away, if I can keep on track with 1-2 pounds per week, I’ll reach my goal by September 19th! (Not to be pessimistic, but, if my anniversary is too ambitious of a date, my back up plan is by the end of the year. THAT I can do for sure).

Wish me luck! I’ll be posting updates with my progress!

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