Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Uh-Mazing News!

I haven’t posted in a few days. I’ve been in a funk and while my mom and LT Fromage had to deal with me being a crying mess, they are family, they are obligated, but I spared you, my blog readers, to my mood. You can thank me later.

But guess what….

I’m hesitant to say this is the best day of my life, because getting married was a pretty big deal, but I am super-duper happy to announce that LT Fromage was accepted for his branch transfer! He finally got the news via email, which included this exciting tidbit as well: He may be pulled from deployment early to start training! We still don’t have a lot of solid information yet; things like dates, duty stations, etc, are still undecided or announced, but just the fact that he was accepted is thrilling.

The only downside is that there’s now a 50/50 chance we’ll end up at Fort Hood, TX. One of the few posts we agreed we would never, ever want to end up (And when he originally applied for this transfer, Hood wasn’t even on the table). But frankly, at this point, I don’t even care. LT Fromage will be doing the job he wants, and the time-line couldn’t be better as we plan our future and our family. Anyway, I hear that Texas loves cows, so if we do end up there, I should fit right in *grin*.

Also I had a delicious brownie sundae with the girls at lunch today. So yeah, good day all in all.


  1. Yeah for good news. I love, love, love to see you happy. Hope this stays in the high register from here on through the rest of your seranade. A place that likes cows can't be bad.

  2. Well. I personally think Texas is awesome. And I'm not even partial to cows (but we do have a lot of them). Happy for your good news!

  3. Thank you, ladies! Just when I thought I couldn't be more excited, it looks like LT Fromage will be coming home in a matter of months! Hip-hip-hooray! :)


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