Monday, May 9, 2011

TGI Monday!

Yes, I’m serious. Monday is the new Friday (at least for me!)

When LT Fromage is home, we spend the weekends sleeping in, eating enormous breakfasts and watching Netflix snuggled up on the sofa. Sometimes we go out or take the dogs to the park. Once in a while we’ll even make our way to Topeka or Kansas City.

But LT Fromage is still in the ‘stan (for now!), sooo, it’s silly to cook up a giant breakfast and I can’t handle both dogs at the park simultaneously. Home alone, my days sort of run together anyway; every day is a weekend for me now, except when it comes to going out…

Monday: ½ margaritas
Tuesday: ½ margaritas
Wednesday: $5 carafes of sangria
Thursday: $5 martinis*

*We're super classy, as you can see, ever see a martini with 5 straws? I didn't think so.

Friday and Saturday: No drink specials anywhere, crowded bars and no parking spots.

As you can see, with our husbands away (thus, not rising before the sun to see them off to PT), “girls night” has become a midweek activity and is no longer practiced on the weekends, making Monday the new Friday amongst my social circle.

Don’t judge. We’re not alcoholics, we’re bargin shoppers.


  1. Fabulous idea. I wish I could rearrange a bit like that. Mondays around here still suck rocks.


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