Thursday, May 5, 2011

Good Things Come In 3s

Right? Isn’t that how it goes? Everything in 3s? I hope so because so far we have…

1. LT Fromage’s acceptance notice *

2. Some other really good news with a potentially freakin’ awesome outcome… but I’m not at liberty to talk about it. Soo…. Just know that we’re uber excited about something else around here!

3. And 3? Well, we’ll see!

Honestly, I’m so excited about items 1 and 2 I don’t even care what 3 is. I’m also so excited I’m having a hard time composing a coherent post. Bear with me.

* In addition to LT Fromage landing his dream job, he also gets to come home early from deployment to start his training. When I say early, I mean in a few months – long before he was even due home for mid-tour leave!

Talk about MEGA NEWS! I wasn’t expecting this man home until at least September, and that would be for a mere 2 weeks! I’m like a kid at Christmas, folks. Seriously, I’m giddy. And I’ve never used that word before.

Of course, LT Fromage’s early return is a little of a trade-off. On the plus side: This 12-month deployment just got a hellavuh lot shorter, but on the downside: It means that in just a few months I’ll be leaving behind The Little Apple and all my friends here. We’ll also be leaving the dogs for an extended visit with their gramma, as we won’t be able to take them with us initially.

(Let me just say, I have the coolest mamma eva to take our 200lbs of dogs for the next 5-8 months. Thanks, mom! You rock my world!)

Finally, and possibly most importantly, we’ll be moving away from my Thia place. I warned LT Fromage that when the time came to choose Him or the Thai place, I wasn’t sure what I’d do. But he won out (He knew he would!)

So… yeah. Waiting for Good Thing Number 3 to come my way!


  1. um, i love good news. i can't wait until you're at liberty to tell us your other news and i also can't wait to find out what #3 is. maybe it will be that you get to go to the other option besides ft hood, since you didn't seem too keen on that idea. :)

    i'm sure you'll find a new place that you love as much as the thai place . . . but it may take time.

  2. yay for good news! And for hubby returning home early!


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