Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tech Savvy

I did it. I bought an Iphone. Only because my best NSAW friend has one and can skype her deployed husband with one of her… apps. (Oh no, I said it… I’m becoming one of them!). Come to find out, where LT Fromage will be stationed we won’t be able to do that. D@MN. At least I can play Farmville from my phone now anyway.

I promise I’m not going to become a video blogger, but I do want to share this Best Buy commercial (you may have seen it if you watched the Super Bowl... which I didn't), because it’s hella funny and to be frank, even as the owner of a few bits of new technology (we also recently purchased a new camera and lap top! This deployment preparation is getting pricy!), I’m still not sure what exactly a G is…. Or a Beiber, for that matter ;-)


(Hey, Best Buy, do I get any kind of, ehm, you know, hook up, for this advertising? Huh? Hook a girl up!)


  1. I love the ad. Did you know the old man at the end who says, "He looks like a girl" is actually Justin Beiber himself. Ahh! I'll bet you did. Good luck with that "smart" phone and all the tech stuff.

  2. Oh G that Ozzy do you describe of a kind and not in a good way....It's like time for him to retire from any kind of business.

    Don't get me wrong, I used to love Black Sabbith but that black eye makeup has got to go!

    Congrats on your new tech toys!!


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