Friday, February 18, 2011

And the Killer is....

LT Fromage is finally in the ‘stan. Please keep him and his boys in your thoughts and prayers.

Since my newfound “singleness” has ensued, I’ve been watching a lot of TV, Investigation Discovery to be precise. It’s amazing to me how detectives can find the smallest bits of trace evidence, a hair here, a bit of fiber there, and convict a killer.

They’d better not ever have to come to my house. All they’ll find is dog hair. Or cat hair. Or dust.

Seriously? Who’s house/car/clothes are so clean that a single finger print is useable? Uhm, not mine!


  1. Personally, I think Investigation Discovery is like manna from Heaven. Perfect lazy afternoon television because you stupidly ran through all of your back episodes of Glee, Biggest Loser and Top Chef.

    Lots of thoughts and prayers to LT Fromage and his boys. Hoping they are all home safe very, very soon.

  2. seriously, can we be friends?
    my husband makes fun of me because i can't get enough of those crazy real life mysteries and crimes.

    definitely praying for your cute hub and his men.

  3. Love the new blog design!

    Also, I think you should add 30Rock to your Netflix. :)

    Thinking about you always! <3

  4. So about 2 years ago the Husband's truck was 'broken' into (by that I mean he left his truck unlocked and things were stolen out of it) and the cops came and ACTUALLY pulled some prints off the door. I think it only worked out though because he had JUST washed his truck earlier lol =)
    Your LT and his boys will definitely be in my prayers hun!

  5. I miss Discovery! We don't have cable. Booooo. Oh and will def. keep LT Fromage and the boys in my prayers. Lovin the new blog design, btw.


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