Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Small World

From the time I was in middle school, until I left for college, the town I lived in was made up of me, a boy named B.C., and 119 other people. This was actually a huge step up from a place we lived previously, where the population was some 100 less than that.

B.C. liked me in high school. This was probably because he at one point dated my then-best-friend and wanted to make her jealous. The fact that there were very few candidates for a high school crush may have also contributed to his attraction. I was also too passive to tell him to get lost. He was an ok guy, and yeah, I would say we were friends, just didn’t have butterflies for my classmate/neighbor/besties-ex.

Important to note, he was freakin’ annoying. I used to hide from him at school during Senior Year when we had a mutual free hour (Thank you, Ms. Myer, for letting me duck into your art room to study in peace!). My running route in the afternoons put me in his line of sight for about a block. I first tried wearing headphones in an attempt to thwart his conversation when he inevitably caught up to join me. He didn’t get the hint, he just talked LOUDER. I began to simply ignore him but he didn’t catch on then either. Finally, I just ran faster and occasionally left him in the dust.

After graduation, I went to California and B.C. went through ROTC. We were friends on social networking site, but didn’t really keep in touch anymore.

Hubby, who was Fiancée at the time, was at Fort Knox, KY completing the Basic Officer Leadership Course when his friend, Justin (Same Justin from the Airport Syndrome post) introduced him to a “really cool guy” he met. This “cool guy” was said to be from Colorado, “A small town past Denver.” Hubby explained that his beautiful-wonderful-amazing-ubersexy fiancée (maybe not his exact description) was from a small town outside of Denver, too….
Hubby called that night to tell me he met B.C., who he described as “a cool guy”. I tried to warn him that B.C. was alright, but absolutely not a cool guy and he would certainly become a severe annoyance if they let him hang around. Hubby didn’t believe me at the time, but later, B.C. would prove me right. Hubby and Justin soon loathed his approach as much as I had at one time. The last straw came on the night of their graduation party.

B.C. was pretty drunk and began telling stories to the group about his (alleged) romance with me! Apparently, he told of our “mutual” feelings and what fun we had when he took me to Senior Prom… Hubby was patient and quiet as B.C. spoke on and on of “our relationship”. Finally, hubby texted me, he knew I hadn’t actually dated B.C., but wanted to make sure he got his details right when he spoke up.

Between the fits of laughter, I responded to hubby, putting to rest any doubts. No, we never dated. He often joined me, uninvited, on my runs, he stalked me at school and yes, we occasionally hung out, but never as boyfriend/girlfriend. As far as Senior Prom goes, if we went together, where was my corsage? Why didn’t he pick me up? No dinner? I seem to remember attending with about 7 of my, ALSO DATELESS, friends. He drove me home, but not because he was my date, it was simply for convenience sake since we lived in the same tiny town in the middle of nowhere.

B.C. was quite embarrassed when the group broke into fits of laughter after seeing the text containing the truths of “our relationship”. I’m told his “man card” (A game being played that night) was taken away, and he passed out naked on the front lawn.

Hubby and Justin anticipated a dramatic confrontation when I flew out for their graduation, sure that B.C. would approach me and things would go down… Instead, hubby shined as the honor graduate of the class (Congrats, Hubby! I’m so proud of you!) and when B.C. saw me, he quickly diverted his eyes and walked away. No drama, sorry, boys!

Of the millions of people walking this earth, why is it you run into THOSE people all the time?
People I’d actually WANT to run into:

Ringo Starr
Tim McGraw
George Strait
Garth Brooks
Jenifer Aniston
Any current or former Colorado Rockies player, but especially Yorvit Torrealba or Todd Helton
Any of my awesome friends I never get to see anymore
Mario Batali
Jeffry Steingarten

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