Friday, April 16, 2010

In a Funk

I’ve been in a funk the last few days. I miss hubby, a friend just announced her upcoming divorce and out land lord is coming on Sunday for an inspection of the house. I’m kind of stressing about the house thing. Here’s hoping that A) They don’t raise the rent, B) they let us sign for 2 more years – otherwise we’re moving and I don’t want to do that. (If we sign another 1 year, our lease will come up while hubby is deployed. So not down with that)

I try not to gripe too much about the Army, because I’m proud of what hubby is doing, and let’s be honest, the pay’s not bad, the benefits are pretty good (Although I will talk about my feelings on the health care another time), there’s no fear of downsizing or layoffs… Things could be worse. But I’m getting tired of sleeping alone at night. I miss hubby.

His platoon is on a lame training schedule right now. Thus far: Left early in the morning to go to the range, stayed 3 days, then had staff duty on Friday night, came home dog-tired on Saturday mid-morning. Sunday night, bed time was 7:30pm in preparation for our hella-early wake up, so that he could be at work by 3:30am. He came by to see me at work on Tuesday, and we spent less than 3 hours together before he left again. He was supposed to finish up last night, coming home this morning, but due to a rain storm, things got delayed, so now, hopefully, he’ll be home sometime tomorrow. Monday is another early morning, beginning the 3rd and final week.

As soon as he finishes with this work at the range, he gets one “normal” work week, and then flies off to LA (The state, not the city, bummer) for 3 ½ weeks for a training. Ugh.

I know this isn’t anything like a deployment and we’ve been through a lot more than this before, but someone, please give me my husband back!

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