Friday, April 30, 2010


Found this gem on Craigslist this morning. If anyone is looking for a childcare provider who sounds uber responsible and mature, maybe this is for you:

(Please note, however that if you have only one child, it's a great deal, a mere $15 per day, but for multiples the price jumps to $110)


"hi and thank u for reading my post. I am looking to babysit a few kids in my home. I have LOTS of experience with children. Ive babysat my little sister, nephews, friends children, friends kids and so on. Ive also been babysitting since I was about 10 years old. I know some people are charging $5 an hour. But my cost for 5 days is $100. Not sure for weekends but if you needed someone to watch your children id only charge 15 for the whole day. If you have more then 1 child the price will b 110. Infants- you must bring diapers, forumla, and a change of cloths. toddlers i will provide lunch and snakes (depending on the time in the morning breakfast) If you have any questions feel free to email me! thanks again for reading & ahve a great day"

There are just not enough good things to say about this ad. I’m especially impressed at her ability to capitalize and punctuate. Her spelling is marvelous and it’s very creative to use “u” instead of you in her ad, it really gets one’s attention. I’ll admit that I’m a bit concerned about her providing the children snakes, but of course, that all depends on the time in the morning breakfast.

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