Thursday, April 28, 2011

Patience... And also brownies.

Mmmkay. So if you read my post about LT Fromage’s request for a job transfer, you know that we’ve been waiting for a simple email. “Congratulations, you’ve been accepted” or “We regret to inform you”

(Remember, this is so much more than just a job transfer. This is like, HUGE. That’s what she said!)

The thing is we originally should have known one way or the other about a month ago. Then, we had an official notification date of April 24th, which then became the 26th. Today is now the 28th and we still haven’t heard a peep.

The thing is I wouldn’t be so upset except for the fact that SOMEONE ACTUALLY KNOWS THE DECESION AND JUST HASN’T PUBLISHED IT YET.

Did you notice I was screaming there? Forgive me, but I haven’t slept in 4 nights now because I’m lying right by my laptop and getting up EVERY FREAKIN’ TIME I GET A MESSAGE hoping it’s the one with the decision.

So far, no emails from the Army but I have gotten a lot of messages about “Hot Asian Singles” in my area. Unless they know whether or not my husband has word on a potentially life changing decision, I’m not interested.

I took a home pregnancy test once and it was like, the longest 3 minutes (or whatever it was) of my life. That is, until now. It’s kind of like I peed on the stick in October and I’m still waiting for the results.

Oh yeah, and I really want a brownie.

So I’ll just be waiting here, tired, and with no dessert.

If you haven’t noticed: Patience is not a virtue I possess. But I do have a mega sweet tooth.


  1. yea, patience and I do not get along

  2. I am right there with ya -- I am waiting on a couple different phone calls. I am waiting impatiently. I would send you brownies =)

  3. I don't know why you don't have patience. I sure didn't use up the supply in the universe. Sheesh! It makes me nervous and impatient just reading this. I love the dog poster quote. I hope you hear soon. Good luck, friend.


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