Monday, April 25, 2011

Deployment Sucks

We’re finally more than 2 months in. Is that it? It feels like a lot longer. I’ve decided there must be a slump somewhere around 9 weeks, because I’ve sure hit one. It seems like reality has finally set it (“Wow… It’s Easter and I’m alone” or “Yikes, he spent the day sorting photos of casualties.”) Oddly, I’ve spend more time in tears the last week or so than I did when he left.

But, what do you do? There are two options: Get through it, or die. And I’m still kickin’, albeit just barely some days.

For those of you following: We’re (surprise!) still waiting to hear about LT Fromage’s transfer.

Lessons I’ve Learned About The Army: Don’t ever count on anything. Ever. Not even “official release dates” for information.

On a lighter note, I took and passed my concealed carry class. The instructor, who’s had more than 200 students, told me after my live fire portion, “Well, I won’t say you’re the very best I’ve ever seen… but I’d put you in the top 25.” NBD.

Intruders beware: The husband may be away, but it’s the wife you really need to be worried about.


  1. congrats on passing your concealed test and being such a great shooter! that's awesome!

    I'm sorry that this past week has been tough, I can't mother would be able to =) She always told me it was tough but she did everything she could to be involved in EVERYTHING and stay busy so at the end of the day she was just slap wore out and went right to sleep to do it all over the next day.

    We're here for ya girl =)

  2. While I've never had a husband on deployment, my father went on many TDYs and was sometimes gone for months at a time. As daddy's little girl, that was hard on me. And for years, he'd leave Monday morning to return Friday evening. We didn't even know where he was. (Found out much later, he was working with the F-117A when it was top secret.)

    I can't imagine if I had to go that long without my husband. My chest feels all tight and hollow just thinking about it so I can only imagine what you're going through. *hugs*


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